Celebration Arc Overshadowed By Waifu War Shade by

 In what was supposed to be the "thrilling" conclusion to another "this character but evil" story by IDW, that glorious bastard Andy Price threw some major shade on all that waifu Sunset Shimmer and re-ignited the on-going Glimmer-Shimmer War. What started out as a background gag turned into full scale melt downs across the fandom, and the fires have been smoldering since the comic's release.

In a monologue by Starlight Glimmer attempting to convince Discord to return to his chaotic form because he isn't truly creating order by brainwashing ponies, we see the panel in the header. In a story that was relatively bland, it was a point that stuck out. It isn't known if Ted "#NotMyPresident" Anderson's direction put Sunset Shimmer in the picture frame, or if it was the choice of our fandom's favorite professional artist shitposter, Andy Price. Regardless, it generated more discussion than is typical:

The panel is just another in a long line of conflicts that those who waifu Sunset and those who waifu Starlight have fought over in their continuing tsundere relationship. Not even Twitter was spared from the carnage, with this poignant reminder very much relevant:
It remains to be seen whether or not Andy Price actually has a distaste for Sunset Shimmer, or if he is merely shitposting.  All this writer can say is -- wait, this was supposed to be a Discord comic, right?

"Having your characters break the fourth wall to complain that the story is shit is writing gold!"- Ted Anderson

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