Daring Do Trilogy and Tracy Cage 4chan books back on sale! - profits benefit horse charity by

Way back in the day - we're talking years ago now - /mlp/ actually did stuff together.
Or, at least they'd try to. Sometimes they'd try to make their own episodes (that died). Sometimes they'd try to make their own video game VN (that died too). Currently they're trying to make a solid comic (and surely this too will die). But on one, incredibly rare occasion, /mlp/ managed to get their shit together long enough to produce...something. That something, was a series of "books"
We're using the word "books" in the sense that there ARE words on pages, held between 2 covers.

Well, those books - the Daring Do 4chan Trilogy, a 4chan Cookbook, and the Tracy Cage trilogy- are back online again after being down for quite some time - and you can order them! What's more, is the profits are actually being used for a horse-based charity.

You can purchase paperback copies of books written by 4chan right here at these links.

The Daring Do 4chan Trilogy
Tracy Cage Volume 1
Tracy Cage Volume 2
Tracy Cage Volume 3
Equine Delicacies: The /mlp/ Cookbook

It's hard to say how long these treasures will be available, before the Internet police take them down again, so get them while you can! You can read more about them here: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Daring_Do_Book_Series

BookFag, the anon in charge of dealing with the books, has kept us updated on the books progress. They've so far raised a few dollars for equineresearch.org

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