The Hub Possibly Coming Back? by

Or at the very least, coming to Latin America.

It's a bit difficult to tell whether this ad for the Hub Network was a fluke, or if it is actually making a return sometime in 2017. From the description hastily ran through Google Translate because I can't speak a lick of Spanish (German is the 2nd language I'm learning), it would appear that their friend was recording the MLP episodes on the Latin America version of Discovery! Kids, when the Hub Commercial started playing right after the end credits, with most of the shows we remember from there such as My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, and others that have since then been delegated to our current channel: Discovery Family.

Here's the full description below, for those who can translate it better than Google.

>Hub Network Regresa, pero a Latinoamerica, este 2017.
Y Antes que nada quiero aclarar que este vídeo no es mio un amigo en facebook lo publico porque mientras el veía My Little Pony decidió grabar la nueva gráfica de Discovery Kids, pero se sorprendió al ver que Hub Network llegara a Latinoamerica

While it's not strange for My Little Pony to be aired on different channels in various regions, such as the case for Germany, where MLP is ran via Nickelodeon (though during Season 1 it was through Nick Jr.), there was no Hub channel ran outside of the USA/Canada; so seeing it show up in Latin America is pretty strange indeed. If anyone has more information about this, let us know about it.

Though the more important question is this. Will we get Dan Vs. back?

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  1. >Hub Network Returns, but to Latin America, on 2017.
    And before anything else, I want to clarify that this video isn't mine. A friend on Facebook posted it because while he watched My Little Pony, he decided to record the new indent(?) for Discovery Kids, but was surprised to see that Hub Network was coming to Latin America.

    1. So wait what is Latin America is that like NH?

    2. And is shezow gonna return I miss it I liked that show

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