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Editor's Note: Here's the list for the Anniversary Giveaway. We'll be giving away stuff via trivia and other means; stay tuned.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Bronies and Horsefuckers
Channers and Normies of all ages
It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the 6th Year of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

We are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the first episode (and dawn of the fandom) of MLP, which which premiered on the brand-new HUB Network on October 10th of 2010.

Half a decade we've been on this ride together.
Some children who are the target audience for the show were not even BORN yet when the first episode aired.

A lot has happened in that time, for all of us.
Friendships have been made
Careers have been launched
Relationships, Marriages, and even Children have been spawned,
all rooted in a common love for a cartoon about love and friendship.

We've had good times.
We've had bad times.
We've had successes and failures.
We've had charity and we've had criminals.
We've made new friends and lost others.
We've had art and music, meetups and conventions, laughs and tears.
And we've definitely had comedy and drama.

Today, we join together, as one fandom, to celebrate 5 years of this community we've built around a cartoon about pastel horses.
And so, I again take great pleasure in welcoming you to the My Little Pony 5th Anniversary Celebration!

At 12:01 A.M. EST, we will be launching a continuous, back-to-back stream of EVERYTHING

Every episode, movie, HUB Commercial, and animated short from S1E1 to EQG3

The stream will last nearly 48 hours and is being hosted on

Throughout the day we will be playing games such as Cards Against Humanity, Board Game Online, and others. We will be holding contests and giveaways for merchandise, and other prizes such as Steam games.

There will be an ongoing thread on /mlp/ celebrating the anniversary, and we invite you all to join us. This is the one day a year that we put aside our differences and enjoy the show together as a community. 

So pull up a chair
Pour yourself a drink
Raise a glass to 5 years of memories, and more yet to come
It's party time!

Send a link to your pony friends around the globe, let's make this year's stream the biggest ever!

We WILL be showing today's new episode, LIVE during the stream.
We will be giving away Steam Gifts as prizes for some fun games at random times during the day.
If you have some games you'd like to donate to the prize pile, send them to

It's been an honor and a privilege
To post among you for the last 5 years


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  2. Are you Team Tanny or Team Scoobie?

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Big Jim Miller comfirmed that there will be no Season 6, 45 minutes after today's episode was aired.

    1. What exactly were you trying to accomplish with this pathetic excuse for trolling, you fucking degenerate?

    2. Look it up on his Twitter, faggot.

    3. I did, you fucking semen sponge.

  4. So Capper, are you guys gonna do a report on how it went down for all us folks who simply spent all this time solemnly masturbating to ponies instead of joining in the festivities?

  5. what a desperate attempt at saving face
    celebrate 5 years with the group who killed the fandom
    sounds great