Man breaks leg trying to make passionate love to a horse...for the third time by

It's no secret that we're huge advocates of horse loving, actively partaking in it for company bonding. So we'd like to take this time to show our support to a man who takes his tender equine loving seriously. Cirilo Castillo Jr broke his leg in a valiant attempt at giving one of his horses third helpings, as any true patriot would do.

As reported by Metro News out of the UK earlier today:

Cirilo Castillo Jr, 45, of Texas, US, broke a leg in his attempt to make love to the [horse]
Emergency services were called to a barn in Edinburg on February 17 this year after he suffered the injury.
Mr Castillo claimed that he was struck by a car and crawled to the barn for shelter, but officers believe he was kicked by a horse.
He was arrested and taken into custody on June 2 and charged with trespass.
He has served two sentences for sexual behavior with a horse [prior to his current arrest].

That's right fellow furries horse lovers, Mr. Castillo was jailed after injuring himself making love to something that wasn't considered "normal." I say that this is an absolute disgrace, and the Hidalgo County authorities should be ashamed of their bigoted actions. 

All members of the department should be stripped of their ranks and let off with out pay. A bunch of fascist CIS heterosexual white southern Christian male Human-kin rapist scum wads that need to be put in their place. Time to protest against bigotry, brothers.

And by that I mean loot, pillage, and riot wildly.

The same goes for objects. There's wonderful documentary about object love, that all of you CIS brony scum need to see. Objects can be loved to, and Horse News supports the cause.

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