The most realistic video game experience we've ever had. by

If I ever had a conversation with a purple cartoon unicorn, in a bar, this is probably how it would go down.

HN has been quiet today as we've been packing our shit for BABScon, and testing out the Alpha of this new game called "Cloptopia" from Mittsies, which one of our senior writers is going to do an in-depth review of this week. It has taken all day to get it down to a science, because it is one of those casual vampires - fun enough that you can play it all day without effort.

While you wait for us to talk about it, you can play it here

SPEAKING of video games...

It's the LAST WEEK OF HIATUS everyone.
Hopefully this means things will get better around here
(they won't)

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  1. Too much faff and grind, not enough porn (Cloptopia). And the porn you do get isn't all that great to begin with.
    As for Tiarawhy- that game has been delayed for so long, there's no way it will live up to all the waiting.
    Short sex loops, poorly written dialogue. All connected with unnecessary "world map" screens and point-and-click (find the clickable object by hovering your mouse over every pixel on the screen) quests.

    Lowered. Expectations.

  2. Where's the "RAPE" option?

  3. what is that city builder
    i need this in my life

  4. I enjoy the city builder but it's still bugged to buggery. At any moment it'll suddenly decide to reset all stats to zero, generally after a clop interlude. Get started, fuck Twilight in the garden - all stats gone. Doing well, give Pinkie anal - all stats gone. What is this torture?

    1. I spent hours building a city only to loose my stats to Pinkie's asshole.

    2. You make it dound like the game is punishing you for fucking ponies. Hilarious

  5. I played the citybuilder game by using a link I found in the thread. I don't think I found any bugs in it.

    It's a little more complicated than it needs to be, and it's a bit grindy. There's occasional moments of smut in it, but not enough to call it a porn game, in my opinion.

    It's an attempt to make a citybuilding game with a defensive changeling invasion gameplay element that happens to have flashes of porn in it. It's also not bad for a pre-alpha, super early release.

  6. Looks like it was inspired by >CLOP, a multiplayer browser game with some similar concepts.

  7. I laughed my ass off when after fucking the ponies, I lost all my bits. I couldn't even regenerate any more bits, so that must have been some very expensive high class ponut.

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