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Word on the street is that this has something to do with Season 5. Alyssya Swales as Rainbow Ruby?

Dont ask us though, how the fuck would we know?

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  1. At, first, I thought this might be a big deal, but then I realized she's probably just a one shot.

    Hopefully they invite Weird Al back soon.

  2. I bet it's Princess Skyla.

  3. >tfw Weird Al was a oneshot
    >tfw no mroe good celebs as VAs
    >tfw no John Cleese as a snobbish griffin dignitary

  4. Rainbow Ruby sounds like it could be the name of a relative of Dash. If she's voiced by a little girl then I'm inclined to guess... niece or cousin? Since Dash doesn't seem to have an actual little sister. Episode of Dash being a cool aunt while Scootaloo gets jealous? I dunno. That's what comes to mind for me.

    But seeing as how the word "rainbow" is used for EVERYTHING in this show, it could easily be some completely unrelated pony.

  5. There's nothing here to indicate this is for FiM. It could be Littlest Pet Shop, for all we know.

  6. inb4 she becomes the next /mlp/ obsessed stalker target