My Little Pony makes it to the funny pages by

The dream has finally been realized, gentlemen. A Halloween special newspaper comic went full on brony mode.

Baby Blues, a popular newspaper comic (as popular as they can be in the smartphone age I guess), decided the Halloween season wasn't spooky enough. What did they do? They added a dose of autism to the mix as well, by satirizing bronies. And the middle panel is cute as fuck. But something is a

Pinkie Pie confirmed as alicorn for season 5. Damn it, Mitch. 

I haven't written shit for Horse News in forever and this is the "story" I come back with? You have got to be kidding me. Mitch you're starting to piss me off with your sneaky Ponylluminati messages.

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  1. >hurr durr ponies are gay

  2. >Still thinking 'gay' is an insult

  3. I love that comic. Nice shoutout! :D

    1. Yeah, that's pretty cute.

  4. The usage of PT as the headline photo is absolutely perfect.

  5. Someone else did it two years ago