Tidbits: 3D printers, panties, and Pinkies by

Time again for Tidbits; the news that tells you everything you really need to know about less-interesting or less important topics without dedicating numerous individual posts to them in an attempt to drive up traffic numbers.  First up today is the announcement that Hasjuden will be working with the Shapeways group to allow for the creation of 3D-Printed, fanmade My Little Pony figures.

The press release reads:
"As of today, we are proud to say that 3D printing has become 20% cooler! We've just announced a partnership with Hasbro to launch SuperFanArt. This website enables fans inspired by Hasbro brands to showcase their artwork and make their designs come to life through 3D printing at Shapeways. A license has been granted to a select number of 3D artists to create artwork based on My Little Pony, and this is just the beginning."

Many will remember the previous C&D's on 3D printed ponies, so this will be an interesting development to watch.

Up next, the Horse News Swimsuit and Lingerie contest ends tonight at Midnight EST. A post will go up with one photo of each of our contestants, users will be invited to vote on their favorite asses entries. Winners will be chosen by judges and announced tomorrow night.

The Hub Social Media guy is just running out of ideas at this point.

WatchMojo dun goofed. And then this happened.

Catie tackled "Pinkie Apple Pie" in this week's Friendship is Recapped.

Hasbro had their Quarterly investor's presentation webcast this morning. If you missed it, you didn't miss shit by the looks of the slideshow.

And that's it.
There has been jack shit going on.

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  2. Gay. I want horse butts.

  3. Cool, now furries could print ponies for money.

  4. Friendship is Recapped remains my favorite pony review show thing. No awful OCs to look at, interesting reactions and engaging hilarity from a bonafide fan of the show AND its fandom headcanon, and...

    Horse News likes it.

    Despite that, I enjoy every episode.

    1. Capper is officially been promoted by CatieWayne so it's kind of a circlejerk going on now that Catie wants to make fandombeat something to do in case theanamalist fails.

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