Brony Musicians get their own cocktail line from Drinkify by

Most are familiar with the music-streaming website known as "Spotify" which has become quite popular. But fewer are aware of its alcoholic cousin "Drinkify" which not only plays music, but also makes suggestions on what beverages to consume while listening to that music. Horse-News, constantly on the lookout for more inventive ways to get sloshed came across a startling fact on Drinkify: It includes drink suggestions and cocktails for #horsefamous musicians. From Daniel Ingram to Mandopony, many "big names" are represented. Check out these potent pony potables below.

"The Mandopony"

"The Living Tombstone"

"The Silvahound"

"The Archie"

The "Mic the Microphone"

"The Wooden Toaster"

As proof that these can be pretty spot-on, here's Andrew WK's 

"The Ken Ashcorp"
"The Swagberg"

And Even Eurobeat

We could do this all day, but as it is we are likely going to hospitalize ourselves in an effort to determine which HorseCock(tail) tastes the best.
We may have to try "The Eurobeat Brony" a few times just to be sure.

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  1. Half of those aren't even 'cocktails', they're gin. Or vodka. Or scotch. And what kinda shitstain would put something named after mandofaggot in their mouth?

    1. ...someone who, after listening to brony music, is in desperate need of the lovely mind-bleaching effects of alcohol, I'd assume. Maybe these drinks aren't to help enhance the listening experience, but rather they're for making our music more tolerable? That's my guess.

      Next time I go through my old songs, I should make myself a stiff drink. Might make the pain easier. Oh, the inexperienced mixing techniques.

    2. I think we all know the answer to that one...

    3. @MandoPony Knock it off, kid. Drink to relax, and to appreciate the flavors of what you're drinking. Don't be so quick to get sloshed. You need someone to teach you a little bit about life. No offense, but you don't seem to be able to handle IT, let alone alcohol.

    4. >MandoPe-- I mean Pony comments on Horse-News
      >He's done that several times already
      >Seems like he's lurking on the site relatively often
      >Once was on war with /mlp/, now frequents a 4chan-run Pony blog
      Fuck, I don't know what to think of it anymore.

      Or, fuck that, I'm just gonna assume that the commenter here is an imposter.
      No way he can prove it anyway...

    5. I'm hoping it's him. I need to put him in his place.

  2. I'm severely disappointed that none of these consist entirely of their tears of disappointment from realizing not one among them is a legitimate musician.

    Except Eurobeat Brony. He's pretty good in the genre all things considered.

  3. Horsenews you're so behind the times. This thing was 5 years ago. And the punks beat you to it.

    1. We are catching up on fandom shit before we started. Next week we will cover the opening of /mlp/

    2. Horse News didnt exist until 6 months ago

    3. and wont exist 5 minutes from now.

      horse news is kill.


  4. Why is Futret not on your list? He's a pretty big name in the fandom thanks to the rape he committed a while ago. Also, no whitetail-music?

    1. We went through an intense decision making process that took several hours to create this list. First we had to develop a complex mind melting algorithm that screened all musicians, then we sent the results to the lab, then subsequently to the president where the messages were relayed to capper. from there we just named people off the top of our heads and that was that.

  5. Wow, tfw I look up Silva and it comes up.

    Let's try TAPs, he's not well known enou-

    WOW. Even TAPs is on there. o.o

  6. Cyril the Wolf is 10oz of pure cachaca... so just straight Brazilian Rum. For those who give a shit