Entertainment Weekly Posts Dash Episode Stuff - Prepare the Danger Zone by

It's Friday yet again, and EW is right on the ball today. In fact it's one of the LAST Fridays of the season, before we enter the Hiatus zone. Nonetheless, its time for the typical episode-spoiling media onslaught.
Find the new episode clip here:


Based on that picture, I think its safe to say that Rainbow Dash is heading right into the Danger Zone.

Description from Entertainment Weekly:

All Rainbow Dash  really wants is to become a member of the Wonderbolts Reserves — an exclusive group of Pegasus ponies. In order to make the grade, though, she’ll have to pass a tricky entrance exam — which may end up being tougher than she thought. (Even Twilight’s foolproof study methods aren’t doing the trick; who woulda thunk?)
Can Rainbow pull herself together and ace the toughest test she’s ever taken? We’ll find out Saturday; in the meantime, here’s an exclusive clip from the episode.

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  1. I love this goddamn show

  2. I miss references like this, it's part of why I keep coming back.