Horse News Tries Pony Hypnosis, Loses Their Collective Shit by

After deciding there was nothing better to do one day, a few of the guys here at Horse News looked into a general not explored before: pony hypnosis. From the general thread, the goal of pony hypnosis is to hypnotize someone into believing they are a certain pony/type of pony. This is done by a  writer creating a script that will be read by a (hopefully) soothing voice, not one that will scar you for life. Then, binaural beats over the recording of the script, the audio is cleaned up, and finally, it is uploaded for public enjoyment/hypnosis.

In order to prep ourselves for this "journey" as I am going to call it, we went to the Hypnoponies site ( to read up and grab the necessary files. There isn't too much to it, just grab the file of the pony you want to become, or find a generic pony file and insert your own OC from there. We decided to try the Applejack file first, as it's been recommended as a good starter.

Become one with the apple.

Everyone gathered around, the file was put on, and then it only got weirder from there. The first thing I noticed right off the bat was the fucking voice. That voice would have scared Hannibal Lector. As the file went on, it was pretty typical hypnosis stuff. "Focus only on my voice, relax, feel your body shutting down, eyelids getting heavier", the usual. It was at that point that weird went to Fantasytown and did acid. The recording then went into graphic detail of our bodies changing, hands turning into hooves, muzzle elongating, leg and arm structure shifting, just transformation shit. The scariest part is when we all thought it was real, and we were actually going to live the dream and become a pone. It was phantom pain, but in the moment it was real and felt real. 

Equally horrifying, but almost representative of what was happening.

After the transformation, it was then time to be blasted with apples and apple-related thoughts. Everything about farm life, we were bombarded with it. From sights and sounds to feels and smells.All of us really began to think we were Applejack, and some of us even started talking like her (not hard to do a southern accent). I even think someone mentioned wanting to fuck an apple. It was at this time we were all completely hooked into the audio recording, believing every word. Let me tell you now, this shit is powerful. Like dark voodoo magic. The worst feeling we all agreed on having during this was as if we weren't important, like we all belonged in the background. It had the few of us that tried it under it's spell. Luckily, we had set-up a fail-safe just in case. At the end of the recording, a loud, jarring blast of brass shook us out of the hypnosis. What followed was a collective "what the fuck just happened" moment. Then there was the hysterical sobbing and wanting of more, to be like a pone again. To go back to that magical fantasy. We may have only done one file, but we agreed one was plenty. This shit is too fucked up. There's even a disclaimer (you've been warned) that tells you how bad this can get. Oh, and if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, ask around in the general about the "pet" file. That almost drove someone to suicide. 

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  1. I tried the pony ears file once. It didn't really convince me I had horse ears, but I couldn't wear my headphones comfortably for a couple hours afterwards.

  2. Please record yourselves. I need this because of reasons.

  3. I feel sort of bad for laughing my ass off at the disclaimer.

    Sort of.

    As in not at all.


  4. What the fuck is this shit?

  5. I actually TRIED the Twilight one. Just couldn't get into it. The dude voicing the file had as terrible mic, so obviously the guy HAD to run it through a terribad noise removal filter. So instead of sounding soothing, it sounded like the guy had an R2 Astromech unit trying to talk over him. It was too distracting and I couldn't take it seriously.

    1. The Vinyl Scratch one is very good, but not that descriptive. The OG fluttershy one though was pretty good when I first tried it a year ago.

      Also I would recommend a "pre file" to calm you down. Use on from youtube though because the one on the site sucks

      also dont be under two file at once...

      cause now im a blue and yellow alicorn that has social anxiety and loves to party....

  6. Did you know that I have an R2D2 tulpa?

  7. i seriously want to try this on acid

  8. I remember back when hypnosis was a general on /mlp/. Curiosity bit the better of me and I tried the Twilight file. I used to listen to it daily and made decent progress, even got my thoughts to sound like hers. On random occasions I tried again high, worked even better.

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  10. They probably tried making a Lyra one, but all successful attempts resulted in the user immediately playing the "return to human" track out of curiosity of what being a human would be like.

  11. Im a hypno-fetishist and even I find that shit too freaky...

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