Multiple websites down - Fimfiction, /mlp/ archive UPDATED by

The final hours of February bring with it, a few final fighting kicks to the fandom. Over the course of the day, and at the time of printing, at least 2 major websites for the community have gone down;, and the /mlp/ archive.

Fighting Is Magic: Tribute Edition by

After a disappointing non-complete edition posted earlier, the time looks to be finally here.
The Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition release happened as promised shortly ago. You can find all the info we have below. More information being added as it becomes available.

419 and 420 Episode confirmation and synopses by

A press release from the Hub confirms the two episodes For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils and Leap of Faith, albeit with a different airing dates and adds extended synopses. You can view the document here.
Horse-News earlier reported skepticism on some of the validity of the Zap2It information that was provided. And sure enough, they goofed up a bit.

My Little Porny Cast Interviews Part 4 - Q&A with Cupcake Codex (Transcribed and Paraphrased) by

Part 4 of our ongoing series of interviews with the cast of PixelVixen's "My Little Porny" movie has been transcribed and in some cases paraphrased for clarity, below. CupcakeCodex, who plays "Pinkie" in the adult film parody, talked with Horse-News for nearly an hour yesterday evening on everything from anime to cosplay, to her mid-orgasm near-death experience on set.

Build-A-Bear Announces Newest Ponies by

Build-A-Bear Workshop has finally got off their lazy asses and announced a toy for best pone (and my waifu) Rarity, along with Cutie Mark Crusaders Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

The Gates are Open by

After recent changes in our policies, the head staff at Horse News has decided to allow newfags writers to once again fill the holes that currently plague our ranks. Do you think you have what it takes to write for us? Well, if so, scroll down and look to your right for the applications page.

Are you the NEXT Trenderhoof?

My Little Porny Cast Interviews Part 5 - Q&A with Lola Hart by

The fun keeps on coming! The "My Little Porny" cast interviews continue with Miss Lola Hart  giving us a Rare look behind the scenes of the newly released PixelVixens Pony Porn Parody. Last night Codex Cupcake joined us for a fun (albeit technically challenged) video stream - we plan to have that transcribed later. Lola also sent us along plenty of great photos. Check them out!

FlamingoRich is a crook (UPDATE) by

Rich off your shekels
There's a few things on the ride that have been come to be accepted as absolute facts. Tara Strong is a tease, Autism is our second language, Rarity is worst pony, FinalDraft is a bitch, and Double Rainboom was garbage on many different levels. But with recent developments behind the scene since it's sudden removal, it appears another fact could be rising to the surface.

FlamingoDick is a crook.

Hub Posts the Breezies by

Just when you thought February was over...The Hub decides to fan the flames of February '14 one final time.
Behold the "Breezies"; a tiny race of fairy-like pony creatures who...we just don't know how to feel about quite yet. The design is largely all we have to go on at the moment, without some speculation.

My Little Porny Cast Interviews Part 3 - Q&A with Reverend Arielle by

The PixelVixens "My Little Porny" cast interviews continue, and this morning we get a little chaotic with the "Saint of Sexuality" from Cin-city; Reverend Arielle. The Reverend gave Horse-News a few minutes to talk about herself and the film.

My Little Porny Cast Interviews Part 2 - Q&A with Noel Cypress by

The PixelVixen's "My Little Porny" adult film was recently released on DVD. The cast of the film have been kind enough to grant Horse-News a series of Q&A's to get a bit of insight about themselves, as well as the film. 
Noel Cypress, Apple enthusiast and "nerdy porn emperor" told us a little about herself and the recently released Pony-Porn-Parody, following Rainbow-pony Kara's interview earlier tonight. Second place again!

My Little Porny Cast Interviews - Q&A with Kara Chiffon (Jessi Slaughter) by

From PixelVixens
The PixelVixen's "My Little Porny" adult film was recently released on DVD. The cast of the film have been kind enough to grant Horse-News a series of Q&A's to get a bit of insight about themselves, as well as the film.
Tonight, Kara Chiffon, the Rainbow-haired-character actress, and self-proclaimed "dick wild, dirty mouthed, gun slingin, tobacco chewin, smut peddler" gave us a few minutes of her time.

/mlp/ v /s/ - The Miracle of >rape by

How l-lewd...
Earlier this week, /mlp/ under ShadowTester and /s/ under Amis duked it out on the divegrass field for the right to continue to compete in the Winter Cup, advance to the Round of 16, and kiss survival in the elite leagues in a sweet embrace. What followed was potentially the most hype match of the Group Stage, with emotions running high and a very strict set of requirements in place for Team Horse to advance; Win, or go back to Spring.

Dr. Drew on Bronies "My Crazy Obsession" by

I want to inflate inside Rainbow Dash.
Dr. Drew is fixing himself to be 2014's Howard Stern. The last horse finally limps to the barn and decided to detail bronies on the segment "My Crazy Obsession" during his show yesterday. What follows has bronies everywhere enraged at being so misrepresented. And they're right; most bronies don't look NEARLY this good.

Chrysalis to Return? by

With the return and reformation of Discord, the return of Trixie, and the upcoming return of the Flim-Flam brothers, the writers of My Little Pony have made it fairly clear that they have no objections to bringing back past antagonists to the show. Recent evidence obtained from an anonymous source at "Hub World" suggests that Queen Chrysalis may be one of these past antagonists in line for a future return.

Ogres are like Adobe animation programs...

Flappy Bird, ponified. No one cares. by

The thing you weren’t waiting for at all, made by the Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen, Flappy Bird, one of the most shittiest, pointless games that is actually worse than Angry Birds and it might make you an addict to it like ur mum is for dicks; has been ponified and made into different versions.

Late Breaking: Janitor Apps open and Blizzard adds ponies to Heroes of the Storm by

Earlier tonight, the board that loves pastel colored ponies almost as much as /mlp/; /v/ alerted us to this feature of an upcoming Blizzard Entertainment title "Heroes of the Storm". The game, which is still in Alpha, will feature several different mount skins, including regular horses and traditional unicorns, but most importantly the skins seen above called "PWNIES".

Saturday Synopsis: Twilight Time by

[Mando touching himself in the distance]
Saturday has arrived, and a new episode along with it. Today's is a Cutie Mark Crusader episode, so if you expected this one to be good, you're a bigger moron than MLP Critic. And it... The episode... Dagnabbit, I can't do it. I'm taking a nice long nap. Capper, you're up.

Current best link to this episode is here.

Good whatever-time-it-is / "Twilight Time" by

Mrs. Sparkle's Treasure Cove of Wonders garners youth of Ponyville's interest.
Well, today's episode day and I hope you're all ready for whatever comes out of this.
From the previews so far, it surprisingly doesn't reveal too much. Had a weird dream last night where she ended up finding two rainbow thingamabobs in this episode, but never mind that. Check for streams, synopsis and whatever else I've put down there after this break thing (Still getting use to this Blogger stuff here).

Borg's brother plans brony bachelor party brings babes and Barney by

Last Fall, Associate Director of PonyvilleLive and PR for BABScon "WeAreBorg", proposed to his girlfriend in front of the crowd during the VIP Q&A panel of Nightmare Nights Dallas. Despite her best judgement she happily accepted his proposal. Nearly 3 months have passed since that day, and as the days draw nearer, there is only one question on everyone's mind "what was she thinking?" "What are they doing for the bachelor party?" Never fear Borg's unnamed brother, help is here!

Friday Preview Clips - It's Twilight Time by

Friday returns to us once again with the usual onslaught of Preview Clips for tomorrow's episode "Twilight Time" as well as more spoilers for everything else. We aggregate it here for you because, as recent polls show, you are all "lazy sacks of shit". That was the self-identification option that won out above all others. That's rather concerning considering how many must be in that category who were too lazy to even vote in it. I would post an image of said poll, but that would require extra effort.

Friday Roundup by

goddamnit derpy
/mlp/ shot their way to victory this afternoon scoring three goals against the in-house favorite /m/. This comes after a scandal involving /mlp/ handicapped the team by removing stat cards that effectivly put them on a crutch.

4chan 2014 Winter Cup - Weekend 2 by

It begins. Streaming at The 4chan Cup's twitch and hosted by Grand Commissioner DrBorisG where the G stands for gay, the second weekend of the 2014 Winter Cup and last leg of the Group Stage begins at 12pm EST, 5pm UTC. Check schedules and more below!

In the event of the ride's derailing by

In these troubling times of Rainbow Kingdoms and it's inhabitants, Double helpings of cinematic bullshit, five new alicorns, celebrity involvement with the fandom and, worst of all, FinalDraft, it's good to know a contingency plan has been set in place here at Horse-News. And you may be able to join us.

Not one, but TWO Equestria Girls Sequels on the way? by

On Thursday, the Equestria Girls website brought a new promotional video to us for the upcoming Equestria Girls Sequel "Rainbow Rocks". Or should we say, "sequels". That's right folks, a little note on the title card seems to confirm what many have speculated or feared; this is NOT likely the last we will see of the Equestria Girls film franchise. Not even close.

Saturday Episode Clip released on Facebook by

The End-of-week previews are kickin off tonight with this clip from the My Little Pony Facebook Page.
Twilight gets mugged by children, but most importantly MOTHERFUCKIN PIP UP IN THIS BITCH.
I wonder if Luna is still his "Favorite Princess".

Russian Liberals Confirmed Bronies? by

For all those people out there who believe Russia is a backwards, messed-up state that is way behind its time...
Best husbando, /mlh/?
You're goddamn right it is.

Ya es hora! by

Yes my fellow English users, the little group of beaners celebrated their mascot's first year this Tuesday! Most of you might not know or even care about the general that was settled a long time ago, the general has managed itself to get an audience for it, it even got some unpopular and cancerous spin-offs, such as the Brazilian general, and the Italian general, both barely exist on the board anymore.
The mascot of YeH, called, Maria Teresa de los Ponyos Paghetti, yeah, big isn't
You might be wondering how this became thing if it ever did, well, it all started as a normal /mlp/ thread that discussed about typical fights between countries, everyone was insulting everyone like there was no tomorrow. The thing become something common and then someone said 'Why don't we make threads like this?" so they can discuss about the show since it was aired on latin america a while back on the channel "Discovery kids".

NCAA Apparently Sanctions Spaghetti by

My Little Pony conventions aren't the only things with limits on spaghetti.
Article link:

The Hub throws up an interesting image on their twitter feed by

Get the... very odd tweet here
What the fuck does this mean?
Seriously I'm at a loss here, what the fuck does this mean?

4chan Janitor Applications open soon by

For the first time in many months, Christopher "Moot" Poole (or as his homies call him "CP") will be opening applications for new Janitors on 4chan. What does this mean for /mlp/? It means we're getting a new Scruffy, and it might be you!

New episode synopsis release? Or an elaborate ruse? by

This morning Zap2it posted a pair of Episode Synopsis', and all seemed to be in order, but something is rotten in Denmark. Could this all be an April Fools Prank?
They wouldn't do something like that right?

Season Premises for Next 10 seasons revealed by

Fully-Developed Equestria Girls Twilight in a few years.

It was recently announced (and then quietly hushed) that My Little Pony will be continuing for at least 5 more years. Well thanks to a conversation with a Hasbro employee who had just lost his job (something about looking at the Milky Way at work?), Horse-News has secured the story arc overviews for the rest of the series. The identity employee who only revealed his information under the screen-name "Anonymous" was confirmed by another poster, noting "My Dad is Hasbro and I can confirm this".
Check out the details below:

Devil's Advocate: Was Pinkie Pie Really Acting All That Bad? by

The question raging through most of the fandom during last Saturday's episode was a simple one: "Why is Pinkie Pie being such a bitch?"
Just look at her, all sunshine and happiness and shit
And to all of you asking that question, you shut your whore mouths!

Happy Presidents Day by

My Little Pony - Bill Clinton

We here at Horse News would like to say happy presidents day. Since it was a federal holiday, many of our staff members, including myself, decided to take the day off from mingling about the water cooler to kick back have some fun, and do absolutely fuck all amount of work. Instead of the usual banter about how much slander we can get away with in an article, and gossip about drama over at other pony sites, we sat back, kicked off our shoes and enjoyed an extended weekend.

Big Mouthintosh by


Now how great does this sound? Sticking things inside of a hole that things should not go into? Well with this recent trend you get to experience it.

Recently, anons all over /mlp/ gathered round to, well basically, stick things in Big Mac's mouth. Throughout the day anon's took to photoshop to put many, many things inside of the red horse's cranial orifice. Surprisingly, the first thing inside of his mouth were NOT phalic! What a shock.

Chatty Draft May May by

Yesterday, Everfree Network staff posted a pair of photos to twitter, featuring Final Draft spouting some of his normal shit in nearly illegible dry-erase marker on a word bubble whiteboard. How they ever thought anything good could ever come of this defies reason. But the response was everything you would ever hope or dream.

Saturday Synopsis: Filli Vanilli by

Every fucking day this little faggot sits there and gives me this stupid look on his face.

Saturday has arrived, and a new episode along with it. Hope you like Fluttershite episodes, because that's what this one is. This week's story brings us a tale of fame, glamour and deep black male voices. And I don't mean the hood life. Hopefully you enjoy this recap, and if not, you can get the fuck out and watch the actual episode. Nobody's forcing you to read this. There ain't no gun pointed at your head. But that gives me an idea...

As of the time of writing, the best episode link is here.

Equestria Girls 2 Toys unveiled at Toy Fair by

As you've undoubtedly seen all over twitter and everywhere else, we've gotten looks at the merchandise for the upcoming Equestria Girls Sequel. Among them, the doll for Jem and the Holograms Adagio Dazzle (likely the antagonist for the movie), a seemingly white-skinned Zecora, a DJ-Pon3 doll and car (with wearable sunglasses windshield), an Octavia doll (complete with cello and bow), a new Queen Chrysalis (wearing socks), what appears to be a Photo Finish doll. Check out the video of the display below.
Or click THIS for the full-effect.

Season 4 Episode 14 Steam Links by

Rarity is taken by Fluttershy's beautiful singing voice and offers her a spot on her a capella band, the Ponytones, but Fluttershy declines as she suffers from stage fright. After band member Big McIntosh loses his voice the day before a concert, however, Fluttershy agrees to sing his part behind the stage for Big McIntosh to lip-sync, taking a Poison Joke potion brewed by Zecora to deepen her voice as in "Bridle Gossip".

Dailymotion SD 
Dailymotion HD - encoding

Youtube - coming soon

Prepare for voice by

Sudden numbness of the muzzle, hoof, or leg on one side of the body,
Sudden confusion and retarded voice,
Trouble seeing in one or both eyes,
Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination,
Sudden severe headache with no known cause

Guys! I think I'm having a...

Let the Games Begin! by



Horse News is proud to stream all of the games all of the time LIVE to you! Check the stream to the right and the link above for everything you need to know about futbol featuring anthropomorphized teams of anime image boards! The ONLY RIGHT way to spend your February...

Winter Cup Coverage - Weekend 1 by

It begins! Round 1 of the 4chan Elite Winter Cup is over, with eight nail-biting matches filled with goals, sweat, blood, and 2-1/Saturday abuse. Find more below!

Friday Continues: Fluttershy Sings Clip Released by


Another clip has been released from Entertainment Weekly this time showing a Fluttershy song from tomorrow's episode.

Normal Friday Preview Clip by

TVguide put out their Preview for Filli Vanili.
So yeah. Go check that out.

Twilight Sparkle Gets her own Kingdom (Confirmed) by

We have several unconfirmed basically confirmed reports via twitter that it was stated this morning in the Hasbro Livestream that Princess Twilight Sparkle will in fact be receiving her own kingdom.
The live stream is here
Incoming Q&A.
Stream over.
But the ride isn't.

Useful Valentines cards, and coupons for Vaseline, Tissues, and Ice Cream by

It is February 14 here in 'murrica, which means one thing...It's the opening day of the Winter Cup!
Oh and apparently it's sobbing masturbation Valentine's day too. Did you get your Tulpa anything?
You didn't? Shit, well hey we got you covered. We've compiled some of the most NSFW best pony Valentines we could find for you, so you don't have to go through the hard work of doing it yourself.

S4E18 Description - Maud Pie by

Zap2it just posted the episode synopsis for S4E18, entitled "Maud Pie". Get it after the break!

Evening News Roundup: New clip released, songs confirmed, porn on the way by

Quick roundup of new information coming in this evening. First: Daniel Ingram confirms TWELVE songs in the upcoming cash-grab sequel Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. A dozen songs. Damn. Click below for more stuff.

Concerned Parents Petition to Shut Down MLP: FiM by

In today's overly politically-correct day and age, it seems that not even shows about colorful, happy ponies can be all sunshine and rainbows.
Horse News: At least we're better than this paper...