Draw Thread Compilation #1 by

As the night comes ot a close, two drawthreads filled with /r/equests and hapless artists finally produce enough content to warrant a nightly Draw Thread Compilation. It totally wasn't my laziness that staved this new site showcase, by the way. Sorry about white backgrounds, blame the artists on not saving as .png's.

Note: To save any of these haphazard fine pieces in their full resolutions, make a new tab with the image. Sources and proper imgur links iwll be a mainstay of future Draw Thread Compilations.

You can find the version that will get you fired here.

The last 3 were made by Jim the Pony Guy, who just started drawing and
did not post these as shameless self promotion in case you were wondering

Original version of banner image 

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  1. >it looks good anon, right?

    Holy fuckbuckets, i need a source for that.

    1. /mlp/ Draw Threads. Right click the image and select "Open in New Tab" if you want the full resolution. As it says above, we will provide full imgur links and author names in future comps.

  2. You should include a link to the Draw thread dropbox in any future compilations you might do, as it is almost always completely up to date and it goes back quite a while. I've found a royal shit ton of amazing pics in it.

    (for lazy fuckers: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/heol5c0rhqvr6ld/Ajnr8cmokx )

    You also might want to include a link to their stream page, many artists do streams and fulfill in-stream requests that don't get posted in the draw thread: http://www.ponyhell.com/indexmlp.html

    1. Dropbox links could be an alternative to Imgur links as well btw should you wish to save a bit of time reuploading everything.

  3. Draw Thread Compilation #2