Comic People coming to BABScon - Christina Rice and Heather Breckel by

Oh damn, BABScon is coming up quick eh?
Really losing track of time.
Well anyway, Christina Rice and Heather Breckel are coming. If you're interested in more copy-pasta than that, check out below.

Pony Thread Simulator Returns by

It's been a year since the last one. Homer went all-out this time. It's PTS time! 2017 Year In Review Edition!

More Leaks from Hasbro / DHX, now featuring Hitler by

We're starting to wonder if they just left the password as "password".
More leaks have sprung forth today, from the same exact source as last time...and the time before that...
It's really less of a leak, and more of a torrent of water coming out.
In it, there are more character designs, private emails, the future of EQG, and even discussion about Hitler.

We're not going to post the links here, but they're not hard to find.

Meghan McCarthy hosting AMA on Tumblr by

It's been a long time since we had a sanctioned show-staff "Ask Me Anything" event. Nowadays most people just bother the staff directly via twitter. But, if you have a tumblr, and really want to ask Meghan McCarthy a question, you can submit a post on this link.

According to the page, the AMA takes place on January 9th from 3pm-4pm EST, so you have a few days to send in questions.

"The Antelope Party" - Behold, the cringiest play of the year, complete with MAGA hats and Brohoofs by

It's an absolute fever dream stretched across 99 pages. The script, is riddled with phrases like "Brohoof" and "Pegaslap" and "Look, whatever a clopper is, I’m not a clopper, okay?"
It is likely to go down as the cringiest play about bronies ever conceived, and tickets go for up to $70 each. The play touches on everything from clopping to assault and 9/11 references.

It's called "The Antelope Party" and is the brainchild of Eric John Meyer and is hosted by Theater Wit in Chicago.

Let's dive in.

2017 /mlp/ Year End Award Winners Selected by

/mlp/ has an annual tradition of ranking the best and the worst of the events in the fandom and the board at the end of the year. They've just completed making this year's selections and the results are in.
Let's take a look! 

Of Note, DWK takes home this year's "Namefag of the Year" distinction, and William Shatner receives the "Staffmember of the Year" award.

The IllustriousQ came in second place for "Worst Fan in the Fandom" beating out 2 murderers, but losing to BarneyFag and his recently learned true identity.
Happy New Year!

Man robs bank and asks for help...on a pony server. by

So...that's new. An unknown individual called T24-ICL24 entered a popular Discord server for pony discussion, and revealed he recently robbed a bank, and needed a place to lay low "near Georgia".
 We don't know much here's the images. It's probably a hoax..but who the hell knows?

/mlp/odcast episode 9: Coming soon but not like that by

Do you like hearing literally whos talk about literally whats?
Well too bad, it's time for the /mlp/odcast, episode 9


Back in 2013, We dropped a shitload of spaghetti for the hungry at Nightmare Nights Dallas. Several Tons in fact. This year, there's an even EASIER way to feed the hungry - by retweeting this post from Fazoli's . Every Retweet equals 1 pound of food donated, up to 10 Thousand pounds. The challenge ends on New Years Eve, and it has seemingly stalled at just over 8200ish retweets. MLP Fans can swoop in and do what we do best: Drop an asinine amount of spaghetti for a good cause.



In the My Little Pony Fandom, gatherings are represented by two separate, but equally important groups. The Convention staff who plan and organize events, and The Attendees who come and get so wasted they forget what country they're in.  These are their Stories.


Oh, and BronyCon sent us a press release, they've got a new website, and submissions are open for staff, events, sponsors, and hotel blocks.
Copy-pasta below.