Saturday, 20 September 2014

Self-proclaimed "Journalist" Gianna DeCarlo unlocks Twitter after 2 months - an overdue followup

What an excellent message that we would like to preserve for the consideration of your future employers.

What feels like almost an eternity ago, an article was written in a rag called City Paper.  Found within it, are a collection of words that disgrace journalistic ethics so terribly, that it makes Horse News seem like we should be eligible for a Pulitzer (for City Paper employees: That's like a Shorty Award for grown ups). It was written in the lead-up to BronyCon by a Baltimore Journalism student named Gianna DeCarlo.

When she was called-out for her laundry-list of well-documented biases and inaccuracies and overall shittiness, she did what every responsible future-journalist does, and locked her twitter, and hoped it would all just go away.

Well guess what, WE don't "go away".

Friday, 19 September 2014

Trotcon 2015 Announcements

Horse News always comes first. Or at least we try to.
While Trotcon is supposed to be making their 2015 announcements tomorrow in an official newsletter, Horse News masturbated vigorously at the information given to us during the recent Trotcon stream tonight and decided that we would come first. More information below the break!

Wootmaster dumps the Tracy Cage master collection

Long before /v/ had a daughter, /mlp/ had a homicidal lunatic. A lunatic given life most frequently by our favorite pony-rapper Wootmaster. Earlier today he dropped off a little gift to the board - all of the Tracy pics he's ever drawn.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tidbits: It's all crumbling down edition: Sydneigh update, Scarves, Neal Dusedau, and so much more

So, as we all know, Sydneigh 2014 collapsed in a smoldering heap this week, along with Journey of the Spark, 4chan's moderation policies, The Hub Network, and any remaining hopes that we had of getting a keg for Nightmare Nights.

It's been a fuck of a week.
Read all about it.

Operation Samson Is a Go: All /mlp/ Users Should Proceed to either [s4s] or /r9k/

Ponies Raiding Pony Board With Ponies: What Next? 

With increasing tension between /pol/, its mods, and the rest of the large-board 4chan community (save the weeb boards) concerning the Gamergate censorship, /pol/ has mass-invaded /mlp/, spamming the board and inciting what they hope to be the next logical step of their "Operation Samson", a process that calls for change in 4chan after mods/moot himself dun goofs by unleashing unruly ponyfuckers into the other boards after being blooted from their own.

Thread Spotlight: Rainbow Rocks Leak?

The unthinkable has happened; one anon has possession of new caps from the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks movie. And he isn't giving up the movie torrent so easily.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Hasbro ends HUB Partnership, Happening Level elevated

The HUB will be changing, according to the Wall Street Journal earlier today. Hasbro and Discovery are ending their partnership and will be rebranded, and god knows what else. Obviously fans are concerned about what this means for the future of pony, the workhorse that has been pulling the network since the beginning. Out of sheer boredom and confusion of course, the board has elevated the happening level. So what comes next?
Screencaps of frantic happening posts from /mlp/?

Another Con Bites The Dust - Sydneigh 2014 Cancelled (UPDATED)

August 26th: "Sydneigh is 100% going ahead!"
September 17th: "Syndneigh is Cancelled"
That's right folks there won't be any pony fun down under this year, in a press release posted today.  Check it out below. 

Hope you weren't TOO excited...

UPDATES: Apparently Oz isn't immune to Con Drama. They really pissed in the ballpit on this one.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Journey Of The Spark, as we know it, is Dead (UPDATED)

The Journey Of The Spark, as we know it, is at an end according to a series of skype messages from Violet - aka "TheEclecticEspeon". Violet has been writing, directing, and overseeing the ambitious "feature-length" film project and made the announcement over skype earlier this weekend.

Nightmare Nights adds Another

Looks like we have another to add to the party at Nightmare Nights Dallas this year. Our friend Borg sent us a press release announcing G.M. Berrow as a guest for the October con. Remember Use code IWTCIRD10 for 10% off your badges, because that shit is real. Get Full Release below. And don't forget about the food drive.