Friday, 24 April 2015

MLPchan merged with Ponychan

It happened almost silently, in the middle of the night. The long-awaited merger between Ponychan and MLPchan finally occurred with little fanfare, but the sites are now one in the same. There are still some issues that are being worked out, such as the board structure, but as of this moment, a visit to mlpchan, is a visit to ponychan. The implications of this development are staggering.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Spain announces con, Larson returns to Bronycon, BronyCAN gets Peter and Brenda, Ciderfest Vendor reg open

So, for the last few days we've been a bit preoccupied with other matters, and the convention news submit box has gotten a little full. There's a SHITLOAD of these things now. We decided to put all of them into a big post for your convenience. 

Spain has a convention now!
Also news from Bronycon, BronyCAN, and Ponyville Ciderfest.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Playboy goes to BABScon

Some folks have been saying that we overhype the party at BABScon. Which you may have a point, but today we learned that even Playboy Magazine was getting in on the action this year. A surprisingly unbiased and uplifting article appeared on their website today, that is definitely worth a read - and of course to see if you end up in any photos. And if you want to get in on next year's fun already, apparently reg is open for 2016.

Drawponies Scandal Day 3 - The final word on #traceponies

By now you're probably all aware that The Artist Formerly Known as DrawPonies was officially caught red-handed. Everyone who believed him to be faultless was proven wrong when he admitted in his "Message From Drawponies" that he traced artwork.

This has brought about 2 simultaneous waves - one of disgust and anger, and another of blind forgiveness.

Let's take a look, at where we stand now.

Write your own "Dear John" letter at EFNW

EFNW showed us how based they are last night, and this morning sent us a series of small announcements. First and foremost is the opportunity to send fan-mail to John DeLancie. Now, this wouldn't be a big deal, if not for the fact that John abandoned his twitter YEARS ago now, and has never returned to it. Beyond that, the Conbook Cover Contest ends this Friday so get on that.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Happy Dank/20 from Horse News!


Happy 4/20 from Horse News! Pop open your Cypress Hill playlist, get your favorite doobie device and letta rip!

Happy 420: Here's a funny comic to balance out the controversy

So what with all the hubbub about tracepony going on I figured I'd make something more lighthearted. Here's a really shitty rage comic I made.

DrawPonies Scandal Day 2: Damage Report

Yesterday, DrawPonies (or as he is now being called "TracePonies") was caught tracing show screencaps, during a livestream by his own Fans, who contacted us in their understandable outrage. The post has since become the 4th most-read article on Horse News and continues to climb as fans continue to express their anger and disappointment at DP, who has yet to appear for comment. The damage continues to spread, as more and more complaints and testimonials roll in, even from admins of the Drawponies Facebook page, who have expressed their displeasure as more evidence of the issue surfaces.

Below we've collected screencaps of much of the fallout thus-far, as well as a screencap of DP tracing another face to create a piece.