Big Mac in a Dress Sparks Predictable Outrage Over "Transphobia" by

You hope that Jim, but unfortunately you're mistaken.

So in the episode "Brotherhooves Social", Big Macintosh puts on a dress to pose as a girl, in order to compete in the Sisterhooves Social with his baby sister Applebloom. Why he does this is simply because he's willing to do anything it takes to become her hero again. So a boy posed as a girl to make the plot work, and that's a tale as old as time, and is no new concept to the world of cartoons.

What IS a new concept to the world of cartoons, is the predictable outrage that it brought from some people who saw Big Mac's crossdressing as an attack or insult on the Transsexual / Transgender ect ect community.

We've sung this song and danced this dance before, let's just look at what the lyrics say this time.

Israeli Prime Minister Laments on Lack of Support for Favorite Pony; Cites Holocaust by

"Seventy years after the murder of Six Million Jews," Netanyahu started his speech, "the fandom still says that Vinyl Scratch is not the best pony."

Describing the travesty against the state of Israel, Chief Zion Netanyahu addressed the UN in New York yesterday about Iran and more importantly, the lack of international discourse on Vinyl Scratch.

Patreon Hacked - Bronies Screwed, data stolen, posted online by

"Patreon: Support. Get Rewards."
Rewards like getting all your information stolen by hackers.
For those of you who haven't been paying attention to our Twitter, it was revealed today that Patreon; the incentive-based crowdfunding website (or more realistically drawn-pornography-paywall) was hacked, reportedly by some gamergater named Vince and 14+ GIGABYTES of personal data was dumped online.

Who was affected? What was posted?
Oh...well...just everyone on Patreon....and just about everything.

Eyes on Equestria: The Equestria LA "Experience" by

While Horse News was busy getting wasted because we knew that keeping us from doing interviews was a whole lot better than banning us outright from EQLA  because that would be bad PR, the media group Hoof Hearted actually did some great reporting at the con.

Here is that horror story.

Netflix Releases Synopses for the remainder of Season 5. by

Full Image
We were informed today that an error in the Matrix Netflix caused the synopses of the remaining episodes to be leaked. More below, also, spoiler warning.

Japan's version of Pony Anthology - this you gotta see by

Ever since Hurricane Pony made landfall on the Asian continent, bits of anime-infected debris have been washing up on our Western shores. This is the latest of such things, a set of videos best referred to as the Japanese version of Ponies: The Anthology. We've hopefully embedded them here.

Hasbro launches $100+ merch line officially pandering to Bronies by

And the last horse has finally crossed the finish line, as Hasbro itself has thrown in the towel and given bronies what they want....or wanted about 3 or 4 years ago. That's right, Hasbro and Integrity Toys have teamed up to release a product line officially aimed at adult fans, with an adult price tag.

Very little is known about the product line yet, the website only informs us that there will be "A fashion figure collection inspired by and celebrating the fans of the MY LITTLE PONY brand" and also that the "products are designed exclusively for adult collectors".

Does that mean they're making.....dolls of bronies themselves?

It's Saturday Morning Dammit - Let's Watch some cartoons (Streams and info) by

Today will prove to be a big day for pony, rounding out one of the biggest weeks for pony ever in terms of content released.
In seven days' time we'll have seen 3 episodes, 1 movie, and thousands of leaked show assets.
pisode today at the normal time.
Horse Woman Hunger Games premiers at 8pm.