Saturday, 22 November 2014

Scootaloo confirmed for Fluttershy's sister

"It's totally proof!" cried local brony Leslie Grey, 24 of Spotswood New Jersey. "Finally, Hasbro read my fanfic and is making it canon!" The baffling jubilation comes on the heels of the release of this image, showing each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders bearing a new detail - an actual cutie mark. Grey, took this as all the evidence he needs.

Friday, 21 November 2014

The Unexpected Con or "I Can't Believe They Actually Gave Us A Press Badge"

One Thursday morning in October, I woke up late. Jen had called me five times and my phone was continuing to angrily buzz, fueled by her own impatience. Five hours of sleep, no food, no real idea what bus to take, an irritant significant other, and worst of all, a bad hair day, was how I started my mission to get a Rainbow Rocks DVD from one of the largest cons out there, New York Comic Con.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Horse News guide to Fandom Acronyms

As the pony fandom has grown over time, so has the complex lexicon that the fans use. Brand new words like "brony" and "clopper" are just the tip of the grammatical iceburg anymore. More confusing to newcomers to the fandom however, are the acronyms that fans now use in most situations, because the phrases are too damn long to type out, but now there are so many of them, it can almost be indecipherable. Below, we have compiled a list of Fan acronyms, and what they actually mean.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hasbro launches entire toyline for Autism

Today, Hasbro announced the launch of a new project called "Toybox Tools", an toyline initiative aimed at persons with developmental disabilities. In cooperation with The Autism Project, Hasbro has compiled a series of toys for those with Autism.
Among those on the list are such classics as Mr. Potato Head, Play Doh, and Connect 4.

Dreamworks 3D Rainbow Dash model

"'s 20% cooler?"
The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived - the leak of the Dreamworks My Little Pony concept art for 2017.

3 videos that prove our hiatus fever is hitting it's stride


Another flash game review, now presenting you: My Pretty Pony or Porn Star?

It’s time for another review or whatever I do when I talk about miniature equine related flash games spread all around the internet, like ur mum’s legs.
Man, check out those mammaries.... mmmff!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Anonymous hacks KKK twitter, uses it to post Unicorns

At 9:11 on Sunday, a member of the loosely-defined "Hacktivist" collective known as Anonymous took control of the Ku Klux Klan's primary twitter account. 

What are they using it for?

Posting ponies of course.

Crazy Pony Chronicles, Part 2 - Meet the man behind all this

Usually, after you get exposed for being a loony, and have the community telling you to stop harrassing show staff - doing things like asking Ashleigh Ball if you can make her scream, and asking Andrea Libman to marry you - you would at least consider taking the advice while you can. The man known as "CrazyPonyMan", who was our most recent Cringe Corner feature, did not take this advice, and continues to send these messages to staff.

Horse News has dispatched their finest investigative team to find out "Who is CPM, and WHY does he keep doing this?"

What we found was troubling.

3 nights in Boston: No tea in this party

Horse News has been, simply put, on a convention binge this Fall, in an almost desperate attempt to fill the hole left by the now-longest Hiatus on record. We've been everywhere from Dallas to Detroit, New York to Los Angeles, and god knows where in between. We've been to at least one con a weekend, and we're fairly certain we're going to die by Thanksgiving.

This past weekend, we sent out a couple writers to Boston Massachusetts, for a little convention called "DrawnCon".