4chan's Operation GemPolish - how Tumblr took another troll hook line and sinker by

Yes we're aware this isn't pony. But it IS cartoon, 4chan, and tumblr, so fuck it.

At the dawn of Tumblr in 2007, there was peace.  Peace, achieved through overwhelming obscurity.
That peace lasted until 2010, when the users, drunk on their 3 years of hugbox wine, got too big for their britches and decided to kick the hornets nest that was 4chan (4chan at this time was in the midst of some of their most notorious raids).

4chan awoke from their slumber and punished tumblr so severely (rendering it briefly inoperable, and flooding every feed with violent pornography). They left them for dead and carried on. It was thought they would never make the same mistake again.

Then, in July of 2014, they made the same mistake again, reheating a long dormant conflict between the social justice fanatics, and the free-speech free-for-all that is 4chan once again, resulting in major tears from the tumblrs.

Well here we are in Summer 2015 and /b/ has decided to go on a fishing trip, using their new favorite bait: Steven Universe.

They started to run out of hooks.

Nor/mlp/erson Hacks Billboard by

Dude from /mlp/ hacked a billboard.
So yeah. That's cool.
Check it.

Cringe Corner: AudioWave Dasher by

Windows Movie Maker is a surefire way to know you're in for a ride.

In the five years of this fandom's existence, we have seen many musicians come and go. Some have been outstanding and left a lasting impression, while others have left people scratching their heads wondering, "just what in the hell were these people thinking?" - What would a Cringe Corner article be without another one of the latter artists, who goes by the name of AudioWave Dasher?

George Cain and Pony Zealotry by

While we're no strangers to the dealings of George Cain, aka the Jesus Freak who would make Sunset Shimmer envious, we were bored and looked through Twitter were informed that he is at it once again, trying to push "a very important message for the world," as he says.

There can be more than one! (Scottish Convention Expanding) by

Yeah that's right, I made a fucking Highlander reference, what are you gonna do about it?
Anyway BronyScot has a nice piece of news - they're now 2 days long and have a concert lined up. Check it out.

Late Drama Edition: Peter New Caught in Bed With Vincent Tong? Spicy Celebrity Gossip Inside! by

Best Eats: Equestria LA edition by


With EQLA around the corner, I thought it would be nice to let you all in about the best places around that isn't the overpriced resort area. Sure, you have the garden walk but what's the point of going to the cheesecake factory everyday. What we have here is the best of the best that the area has to offer.

Op-ed: AnimatedJames, Leekfish and the Third Rail of Honesty by

Editors Note:  NewsieLicious is a Horse News Member that offers in-depth analysis on fandom culture. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely his.

If you still haven't heard about AnimatedFishLeekJamesGate, crawl out from under that rock and grab a pitchfork and some stale popcorn.

Recently, an article was posted here on HN that lambasted AnimatedJames for his recent video, "The Truth about the Brony Fandom". In the video, he says the fandom has lost touch with one of the show's core values, honesty, in its seemingly unanimous resistance to people who may be considered "brutally" honest. He concludes that this hugbox mentality will slowly unravel the fandom we know and love, as nobody wants to be the one to tell people when they really need to just stop.

Here's the thing, though: I think he's right.

AnimatedJames and the Truth About the Brony Fandom by

Guys, apparently we're not honest enough because some comedian is shit. Our glorious fart fetishist AnimatedJames returns yet again with another tirade about how love and tolerance is dead. I don't think he's realized that the whole thing was a joke from the beginning.

My Little Larson: Fetishism is Magic by

I sat in the front row next to a land whale and a fedora. The land whale made sounds like her lungs were an accordion, but the fedora was oddly quiet for just a fedora.

We all were waiting for our Jesus MA Larson to grace us with his godlessness. My entourage was in the back hiding out from the sea of spaghetti I was treading, but I wanted to get as close as I could to MA Larson as possible. His scraggly beard and 'just got out of the shower and Im still pretty fucking drunk from last night" hair was irresistible.