Custom Pony Visa Cards - For a good cause? by

So it's not often that Horse News gets an email from companies wanting to promote their wares on our site... Well okay it is actually pretty often, but we have a consistent response to their inquiries. Horse News, being a not-for-profit website, never accepts money for placement on the site (and we're often shocked anyone would want to be in the first place) and that we have a different set of requests. MOST of those groups then never contact us again.

This is not true however, for the team at

They came to us last month, because they wanted more bronies to hear about their custom Prepaid Visa Cards, which are adorned with pictures of My Little Pony. We told them, that we wanted to continue to support victims of sexual abuse through our favorite charity RAINN.

Well, these guys are pretty awesome, and we were able to make an arrangement.

It's Saturday Morning damn it! Let's Watch Some Cartoons (Streams and Info) by

Seth Has a Boner Edition.

Season 6 continues today, 08:30 PST / 11:30 EST
6.06 - No Second Prances

A Tribe Called /qst/ - a new board on 4chan by

Since 4chan took on a new owner/manager, it's seen quite a few changes - mostly the addition of new boards. Some of which were sorely needed. Others? Well time will tell. Among these have been
/aco/ - Adult Cartoons,  /his/ - History & Humanities, /asp/ - Alternative Sports & Wrestling, /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests, /news/ - Current News, and probably most famously: /trash/ - Off-Topic.

Well as-of yesterday, there's a new board on the block - /qst/, which is a specialty board for "Quests". It has some unique formatting and looks like it could make for some fun times. Also all these extra boards means that we'll be getting even more competition in the 4chan cup.

Check it out:

Poni-versus Eagle Part 3 - PVL, Patreon, and Squandered Potential? by

Guess who's back
Back again
Silver's back
Tell a friend
That's right everybody, it's time for Part 3 of the Poniverse Vs. Silver Eagle Saga, with another open letter from Silver himself. Following his first airing of grievances  the powers that be at Poniverse sent out their own reply. The ball is back in Silver's court and here's his return volley.

Below is the copypasta of his letter.

The Future of FimFlamFilosophy and the DawnSomeWhere Crew: An Interview by

Now that I have your attention; here's an article.

     So, for those of you who live under a rock, or even worse, run normie lives with normie responsibilities. BABScon was this past weekend. The Bay Area Brony Spectacular saw it's biggest year yet (or so we think, they never really got around to telling us a final attendee count), and all those big horsefamous names some of you autist care about were there! We totally ignored them and interviewed some far more interesting people. FimFlamFilosophy, Peterip and Norman Wrangle of the DawnSomeWhere crew.

Jeremy Whitley and The Continuing Decline of IDW by


Jeremy Whitley is no stranger to controversy. Be it Dragontown that was an allegory for racial tension in the US, Twilight "For the Right Reasons" Sparkle, Radiant Hope waifuing a redeemed Sombra, or even just his tendency to textwall, there is no shortage of drama whenever he releases a comic. However, a continuing saga on Twitter shows that we have entered a new era of obsession and it signals further the decline of IDW's MLP.

Fluttershy's Brother is a NEET by

Hasbro, tired of dropping subtle hints to their unexpected demographic, has opted to send bronies a message in a format they can understand; by giving basement dwellers their own episode in My Little Pony. According to Zap2It, the June 4th episode of Season 6 will feature Fluttershy's "freeloading" brother, who has yet to move out of their parents house.

Cosplayer deemed "literally worse than Hitler" - People incorrectly blaming BABScon by

By now, you've probably heard of the cosplayer who rocked the victims of the internet to it's core over the weekend, when he performed a 1-handed Bellamy salute during the BABScon cosplay contest. The "F├╝hrer of Equality", who received the villain award, immediately received gasps of shock, and a short dressing-down by one of the volunteer judges, who informed him of her Jewish heritage. He then adjusted his display to a 2-handed Bellamy salute, in the form of an = sign, upon the direction of the judges.

This, did not of course, prevent the people who needed something to be upset at BABScon for, from swooping in immediately, as the rest of the convention was almost completely free of drama.

You can't have a Nightmare, if you never dream - So here's something to dream about by

Now that DABcon BABScon is over, we'll be moving into news about other upcoming cons. I think Steve's announcement senses were tingling, so he sent us over an update about one of our other favorite annual events - Nightmare Nights Dallas.

They've got a load of info here so check it out, everything from prereg to vendor applications ect.

DabFaust - meet the new meme by

Exploit away!
Yesterday around Interview Time, our staff photographer PhotoAnon got this amazing photo of Lauren doing the hot Dance Move of the year - "The Dab". Of course, the internet has wasted no time in turning this into an exploitable meme, some of the results of which we've posted below. We expect good things.