Midwest Media Expo 2017 - CANCELLED by

While not a purely pony news, a longtime gathering place for horse-fans - Midwest Media Expo in Detroit - has announced that this year's event has been CANCELLED.
The heartbreaking news for hundreds of con-hungry fans comes a mere THREE DAYS before the event was to begin. The exact cause of the sudden cancellation is not yet known to the public at large.

Previous conventions have played host to many pony-related events including premiers from Silly Filly Studios.
See our past coverage here:
The announcement is below.

To the Toilet and Back Again: ToonKriticY2K Trumps Up False Sexual Harassment Claims To Ban Anons from BABScon by

ToonKritic's hat sits in a hotel toilet
The infamous hat rests in its natural habitat.
This is the story of a hat and its brief journey from the inflated head of the “analcyst” known as ToonKriticY2K (aka CarToonZ) to the depths of a hotel toilet at BABScon 2017 and how he was then able to make up a sexual harassment claim to get the badges of the three anons involved pulled, who now face the possibility of being unofficially blackballed for life from all pony conventions.  For “borrowing” a hat.  A fucking hat.

Horsefucker Scientist Unearths Ancient Artifact of Ponies Past by

Earth Date; April 23rd, 2117  

     Today at approximately 13:00 Horse Scientist and Memeologist “Fig Faggotson” unearthed a forgotten piece of horsefucker past, 100 years in the making. An odd device that appears to be a jar of light blue liquid.

Dude....what? by

So DWK and Wootmaster made a video with WeimTime. The result is some sort of Gumball-esque horse-themed "drunk history" acid trip. I really can't accurately describe this, but go watch it.
It's some good shit.

Violent Underaged Drinker Assaults Man at Pony Convention, defies ban at BABS by

Here at HN, we often like to give the fandom a chance to tack their keyboards, and flex their journalism muscles. Throughout the last several years we've seen many writers come, and go. Anon or otherwise, everyone seemed grateful, regretful, and even...happy? To have contributed to the fandom in some way.

All, except one.

Late to the game: News from Thailand Pony Con by

So, last week I had suffered a pretty awful back injury and was pretty much loopy on painkillers and muscle relaxers. During that time, apparently, I missed a bit of news, sent to us from Thailand, about some shit that went down at their convention (some clips of stuff got shown. Why is it always the foreign cons get the good stuff?)
It ended up in the SPAM folder and I never saw it until today, and apparently, EQD had to take down their version of it for some reason.

Anyway I'm copy-pasting the charming press release they sent us without following any of the instructions included within it. Yeah, no, definitely not taking the time to save embedded photos out of a 26-page .docx to re-upload individually. Fuck that.
Have fun!

Season 7 Episode 3 Premiers Today - Stream Link by

Season 7 Episode 3 coming at ya
Want to know where to watch? Of course you do.


BABScon attendees "crucify" futanari ILoveKPAlot Dakimakura, announce desire to blow it. by

It's not like they like you or anything b-baka!

Images coming out of BABScon show that a group of anons have not only procured a anime body-pillow of Horse cartoon analyst / Youtuber "ILoveKPAlot", but that they've also given it a penis and crucified it in their suite. (Whether the fact they crucified a Jewish person on Easter weekend is intentional bad taste or just coincidence is uncertain).

/mlp/arty at @babscon Friday / Saturday 9:30PM Suite 2016 by

/mlp/arty BABScon 2017
Room: 2016
Friday / Saturday nights starting 9:30 PM
Age 21+

As we prepare to enter Season 7 of My Little Pony, and the 5th year of /mlp/arties, we would like to look back on how the fun times got started. 

This weekend is BABScon, and it's no secret that they're one of our all-time favorite gatherings of horse enthusiasts. The reasons for that are many, but most importantly is that they will be playing host to the 4th consecutive /mlp/arty in San Francisco. For many attendees, the /mlp/arty is one of those things that has just, always sort-of "been there", as old as pony cons itself. Many would be surprised to learn that the regularly-scheduled drinkathons had very...disorganized and turbulent beginnings. 

My Little Pony Movie Teaser Released. by