Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Totally insane man who paid over $750 for charity song, expects it to be finished in 5 months

You could almost hear the whips crack, as a man identified only as Porpoise sent a message out via skype to a pair of musicians in his employ. "How's the collab song coming along? Do you feel like any input/inspiration would help?" Porpoise demanded. "Or would you like to share some thoughts about it?" The message comes a mere 5 months after he paid over $750 to charity at GermanCon to have a song collab made.

"It'll happen, just give me a bit more time" begged Deceased Gravestone, one of the musicians who agreed to produce the track. He and ShadowBox, have not even begun on the project clearly been working at a breakneck pace on the project, nonstop since it was paid for back in August of last year.

Eminem might be pissed soon

Is there anything Whiter than My Little Pony rap? Besides Barry Manilow obviously,
 The answer is of course "yes - Eminiem Parody Pony Raps". The one up top is getting a lot of attention, but it doesn't have nearly enough cursing to qualify as proper homage to the the only good thing that has come out of Detroit in the last 2 decades. So we included the classic below.

We wonder how he would respond to this kinda stuff.

Monday, 26 January 2015

My Little Pony causes Satanic Sexual Confusion

"Satan is using My Little Pony to destroy manhood!" Claims "The Vigilant Christian". Over the past few years we've heard numerous claims that My Little Pony poses some sort of threat to masculinity and the American way, but little did we know just how evil it truly is. According to the highly credible source "The Vigilant Christian" Youtube channel, it's far more sinister - and Satan is responsible. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pinkie Pie beheaded by ISIS

"Death to the singles-getting infidels!" proclaims one member of the Inbred Saddlearabian Infidels Society or "ISIS" in a recently-released video. The video, translated by youtube captions, features a warning to all who those who stand in their way and do not offer their praise and dubs unto Celestia.

What the pair of extremists did next was horrifying, as they proceeded to decapitate a prisoner, identified as Pinkie Pie, on-camera.

2+ Years of 4chan Moderation IRC Chatlogs leaked to world

In what may one day be looked back upon as the "wikileaks of wikileaks", something historic, and most likely damning has occurred. Over 2 years worth of private moderation/janitorial IRC chatlogs from within 4chan's administrative structure have been leaked to the world, encompassing 2,250,060 lines of dialogue. With them, comes the handles of one of the most secretive groups on the Internet: the 4chan moderation team.

8chan has already begun dissecting the monolithic amount of data, to learn about the world behind the one-way mirror, and what has been discovered thusfar has many in a predictable outrage.

Of note to our readers, is the fact that the Identity of /mlp/'s "Scruffy" has been revealed, a janitor by the nickname of "Yetsturdy", and also the fact that he is gone now.

Here we go.

MLPchan + Ponychan merging?

Ever since the Scruffening, there has been a contingency plan in place, that - in the event of 4chan eliminating /mlp/ as a board, there would be a fallout shelter - MLPchan. And ever since /mlp/ was a board there was another policy: Ponychan a shit.

It seems that the lines are about to become blurred, ushering in a new era of Pony Image Boards:

Tonight MLPchan and Ponychan made an announcement: a merger. The announcement comes on the heels of Moot - the technical father of /mlp/ - stepping down as Admin of 4chan, and it only spells uncertainty for the relationship between /mlp/ and its "hugbox" counterparts.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hasbro C&D's Horse Game...

...Is NOT a headline that you would want to read today!

Luckily we bring only good news, mainly the demo release of "Horse Game" by Equidev.
They've sent us a press release that we've copypasta'd below, with all the info - should be live in about an hour! (8PM EST - 7PM CENTRAL)

OSX: https://mega.co.nz/#!iIEQQKYb!oPjzQsoQbVhf_gCnwBg1qNc8Z7LeFB1ANZVLWSk1h6I
Linux: https://mega.co.nz/#!TRNQDQ7Q!g5WTEwqOQHrbkY7h9HuKsvpEQ45s64ZhGUq52F4y1oE Windows: https://mega.co.nz/#!qRFkBaoI!DcKjOunPTdcM8Yej_dmvmNCk8hroXuO6bKvJrSUXcQ4

King of the Brony Nerds

So we've been hearing for months how King of the Nerds (the reality game show hosted by Curtis Armstrong - voice of Dan Vs.) was going to have Brony contestants. Well it's true. Last night the premier happened and we got to meet the pony fandom reps.

Thanks to the man who's policy is to DVR EVERYTHING we actually have the entire Season 3 premier up top there.

Legends of Equestria is under attack

Many ponyfans have been looking forward to tonight for quite some time now. 
None, perhaps more than the developers of Legends of Equestria, who were excited to launch the open server weekend of the latest game build tonight. Everything went well....for about 20 minutes. 
Then shit hit the fan. 

Equestria is under attack.

Friday, 23 January 2015

The end of an era - 4chan founder Moot signs off one last time

"I'm very tempted to make my last words 'Ayy Lmao', 
but instead I'll just say: See you later, Space Cowboy."