Bronies too liberal for Vegas - No longer getting The D by

High Roller Pony Con - the convention attempting to build new life in the smoldering fandom crater that was left in Las Vegas nearly half a decade ago - has an important, and...bizarre, announcement.

Bronies are "not conservative enough" for a Las Vegas hotel.
That's right folks, a city that runs on a constant stream of liquor, gambling, and vice cannot handle people in horse costumes congregating in their midst.

As a result, HRPC is no longer getting The D.

Russian Brony commits murder / suicide at Moscow college with knife and saw by

The uncensored images are literally too graphic and brutal to post here.
Horse News has learned that a college-aged brony in Moscow Russia, murdered a teacher with a knife, and posted photos posing with the body, before taking his own life with a circular saw.

18-year-old Andrey Emelyannikov cut his teacher (Sergei Danilov)'s throat, reportedly as part of an online "blue whale-style online death game". The murder took place at the Western Complex of Continuous Education on Gvardeiskaya Street in Moscow.

Do not click the links below if you are not prepared for horrific amounts of blood and gore.

Petition started to "Remove Homosexuality and Hateful Staff" from MLP by

Update: A counterpetition has been started

It's been a busy few weeks in the Pony fandom. We got a huge leak of every remaining episode of the season, we celebrated the 7th Anniversary with an almost suicidally-long stream, we had the movie release (and 129 GB full-HD leak of it), as well as its gradually decreasing score on Rotton Tomatoes (it's now at 50%!), but above all that, we had the revelation that Scootaloo seems to live with her 2 aunts...who are not sisters.

Mike Vogel implied that they have an alternative lifestyle arrangement, aka, they're in a relationship.

The fact that the crippled orphan pony might actually have a loving family to look after her was too much for "A Concerned Mother" who has started a petition to "Remove Homosexuality and Hateful Staff From My Little Pony" under threat of boycott.

Update: A counterpetition has been started

MLP 7th Anniversary Party Planned for Oct 7th - Oct 10th by

There are very few annual traditions that we have held near and dear in the pony fandom. But Among those that we do, is the year celebration of the original airing of the first Episode of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic on October 10th, 2010. Every year since, we've rounded up as many fans as possible, to one spot on the internet, to watch the show together. Initially, this was a feat which could be handled in a single day, or even a single weekend. But as time has passed and more and more media has become available, it has grown beyond that, into this years FOUR DAY LONG event.

On October 7th, 2017, at 12:00 noon Eastern Time (immediately following the airing of the new episode), /mlp/ will be kicking off this year's Anniversary Party, ushering in the 8th year of My Little Pony. The main event of this, will be the livestream, of every single episode, movie, music video, promo, and short, played back-to-back in one spot, in addition to influential and popular fan video breaks. There is approximately 78 Hours of official media to go through this year, so we're estimating roughly 3.5 days of constant streaming, straight through the annivesary on the 10th.

In addition, we hope to have art, discord group chats, group gaming, and prize giveaways. We hope you can all join us during the course of the weekend.

The party will be held on and

Can't wait to see you all there!

Movie Soundtrack up on Youtube by

"Please support the official release"

Movie soundtrack time
No more words needed.
Except perhaps >dat villain song

Here it is:

Sia's MLP Music Video "Rainbows" - loaded with spoilers. Like the ending of the movie by

Heroes Never Die!

So we've known for a long time that Sia is in the MLP movie, and she sings a song called "Rainbow". Well here's the full music video, appropriately on some cheap Chinese site. It's loaded with spoilers, including the ending, where Tempest is seen making fireworks with Twilight.
It's basically tradition at this point for MLP to show you the ending before you even see the beginning!

Time for some screencaps

My Little Pony Birthday Shorts by

>What's she looking at, Anon?

Just recently, Hasbro released a Happy Birthday animation featuring Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy singing Happy Birthday to you. Links below.

Hasbro posted the next episode by mistake - so here it is! by

Is it technically a leak, if Hasbro posted it themselves to Youtube?

Well who cares, here it is! Season 7 Episode 18 - Daring Done

Equestria Girls "Workout Routine" - Get off your ass and do the Dragon Mating Dance / Territory Marker by

Remember when we posted about the tidal wave of Kid's channel lewd garbage that had flooded every conceivable tag on Youtube? Well as a result of those channels, we now see more of it than we had ever wanted to. Most of it is the same sort of garbage, but THIS is different.

Here, we have a "Scientific 7 Minute Workout Video with Twilight Sparkle. It features 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a wall and a chair." The routine, is actually pretty solid....
...but the names are amazing.

Bronycon 2017 - The Interviews [1 of 3]. by

Bronycon 2017 interviews featuring Vincent Tong, Kyle Rideout, and Kelly Sheridan. This, like last year, was done as a press conference, with many people from various outlets having essentially a mini-panel Q/A style.