Military Brony fan, Furry, Pegasister, arrested in California Triple Homicide by

Acosta, Felix, and Goodwill-Yost
Two men, identified as Josh Acosta, 21, and Frank Felix, 25, and one 17-year-old Kaitlynn Goodwill Yost of California, were arrested Sunday for the deaths of 3 people in Fullerton. It has come to our attention that Acosta, Felix, and Goodwill Yost were members of the MLP, Military Brony fan community, and the Furry community. 2 of the victims, were the youngest suspect's parents.

UPDATES: There is a Gofundme for the funeral costs and future care of the two orphaned children of the victims.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: 6.21 - Every Little Thing She Does (is magic) by

6.21 - Every Little Thing She Does
0830 PST / 1130 EST

MLP 6th Anniversary Party Planning Underway by

Every Year on October the 10th, /mlp/ gathers together in celebration of the anniversary of the airing of the first episode of MLP: FIM. And Every year the invite is distributed to all corners of the fandom, to join in the day of pony. Well preparations are underway for this year's festivities, and volunteers are sought to help out. 

This year, the annual mega-stream is going to be nearly 56 hours in-length.
51 hours of it being the 140 episodes that will have aired by that time, and the rest belonging to the 4 Equestria Girls movies and shorts. All-totaled with the usual antics the stream may last nearly 3 whole days on cytube.  

In the past, the stream has started at midnight on the 10th, but unfortunately, the 10th falls on a Monday this year. So instead, the mega-stream is planned to happen as a countdown leading up to the 10th. Stay tuned for more information of launch times (expect Friday the 7th).

What the preparations need:
Artists to create 6th Anniversary Artwork
Prize Donors for giveaways (we currently have 36 Steam Games to giveaway, we could use more).
People to spread the word

Saturday Morning Cartoon: 6.20 - Viva Las Pegasus by

6.20 - Viva Las Pegasus
0830 PST / 1130 EST

Saturday Morning Horse - 6.19 The Fault in our Cutiemarks by

6.19 - The Fault in our Cutiemarks
0830 PST / 1130 EST

Cringe Corner: ForNoGoodReason (FNGR) by

The face only a mother could love.
FNGR, also known as ForNoGoodReason, is someone who has been vying for our attention for two years (fucking hell, give it a break man) quite some time now, ever since we have covered any drama that has anything to do with the My Little Pony Analysis Community.

Saturday Morning Horse - 6.18 Buckball Season by

6.18 - Buckball Season
0830 PST / 1130 EST

Saturday Morning Horse - 6.17 Dungeons and Discords by

6.17 - Dungeons and Discords
0830 PST / 1130 EST

4CC - /mlp/ Wins the Summer Cup 2016! by

Summer is on the down-slope here in God’s hemisphere, and to finish off the waning days, 4chan held its biannual imaginary divegrass tournament, Autistfest the 4chan 2016 Summer Cup.

Saturday Morning Horse - The Times, they are a Changeling by

6.16 - The Times, they are a Changeling
0830 PST / 1130 EST