"At least Equestria Girls is Free From Starlight Glimmer!" by


Some new EqG toy announcements can be found below or here. It's worth noting that Hasbro has dropped the brushable doll line completely.

New Movie Toys Revealed by

Ahead of the New York Toy Fair this weekend, Hasbro released pictures of a bunch of toys based on the movie coming in October. Shown above is a "Kingdom of Seaquestria" set, which comes with Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish. (?!) More toys announced can be found below.

Possible MLP Season 7 Titles Revealed? by

Pre-orders for the upcoming DVD focusing on Twilight and Starlight have been announced on the Shout Factory website , and in them contain possible title names for a few upcoming Season 7 Episodes.

Valentines Day on /mlp/ by

>They're not real, Anon.

The 4chan Winter Cup Kicks Off with a little MAS by

Today we saw the kick off of the 4cc's (4th?) Elite Winter Cup! The horsefuckers of /mlp/ tussled with the weebs of /jp/ in what was consider by many to be the most interesting game of the cup.


At least we got a bangin' promo out of the lad's from DawnSomewhere.

Furry Infiltration of MLP Complete; Anthro Cat Announced for Movie by

Today we got a bunch of character designs revealed for this year's movie. While the designs ranged from CRAAAAAAAWLING to qt, one in particular touched a nerve in the fandom: Taye Diggs' character, an anthropomorphic cat named "Capper."

Horse Convention Hits Up Fandom For Cold Hard Cash to Ensure Its Survival by

The one in the middle just saw the convention’s bank account.
(Editor's note: This article is an op-ed from a source that divulged this information to us on a condition of anonymity)

By now, we’ve all come to realize that the Golden Era of Pony is long behind us. The community’s interest in the fandom (and the show) has been slowly dwindling down for years, and we’re settling into a quieter long-term existence like the fandoms before us. In the beginning, bronies would travel halfway across the planet to attend a convention, but you can only hit up so many conventions before you run out of new things to do, new show staff and community guests to meet, and most importantly, the money to get there. With less money in play, the dozens of conventions that once peppered the globe are approaching the single digits, and many conventions have already held their last events ever.
Some people, though, just can’t let go.

Hasbro Stocks Soar; Beating Expecations by

 Similar to other events that have occurred over the past few months, the doom-saying that preceded Hasbro's 2016 full year investor update turned out to be wildly incorrect. 2016 was Hasbro's best year ever, which can only mean good things for Hasbro's properties, including MLP, going forward.

BronyCon no longer a Pony con? UPDATES by

Sound the "Slow Death of the Fandom" alarms, we've received an email suggesting that BronyCon is no longer a Pony Convention, at least not in the conventional sense. This Email, forwarded to us by an ex-staff member on the condition of Anonymity, confirms that the largest pony convention is no longer pony-exclusive. They plan on becoming a "Geek Culture Convention" and this year may be diluted by Pokemon and gaming.

We've included the contents of the Email below.

What does this say for the state of the fandom? What does it mean for the future of conventions?
How will Bronycon be much different from other general pop-culture conventions that have pony events and guests?

UPDATE: Confirmed by Bronycon
[Archive Link]

" Every year brings more gaming cosplays, more Steven Universe EPs, more Undertale art in the marketplace and more totally out there meme-ry."

Pony Meme confirmed for Ded

Celebration Arc Overshadowed By Waifu War Shade by

 In what was supposed to be the "thrilling" conclusion to another "this character but evil" story by IDW, that glorious bastard Andy Price threw some major shade on all that waifu Sunset Shimmer and re-ignited the on-going Glimmer-Shimmer War. What started out as a background gag turned into full scale melt downs across the fandom, and the fires have been smoldering since the comic's release.