Where Are They Now: My Little Dashie author ROBCakeran53 by

Moving ahead with our "Where are they now?" series, we've tracked down a number of the harder-to-find characters that had been requested for updates, and are awaiting interviews and confirmations from them. Fortunately, this edition is for a man who isn't actually that hard to find, as he is still in-fact an active member of the community.

In September of 2011, one of the most well-known and widely-known fanfics ever created by the fandom was released, called "My Little Dashie". It was then reworked into countless animations, live action videos, parodies, and even a Visual Novel. Its author is a man who goes by the name ROBCakeran53.

Here's what Rob has been up to in the 7 years since MLD premiered.

Hasbro Releases Rainbow Dash """"""FINGER PUPPET""""""" Book. by

It's a Finger Puppet Book.

And will be used for no other purpose.
By anyone.
At all...

You're invited to come play "hide and seek" with this.

Is Crystal Mountain Pony Con in a Mountain of Trouble? by

"...its worse than I thought"

We've received reports (and screencaps) from a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, that Crystal Mountain Pony Con has recently hit a bit of a snag. The head of vendor relations, Stephen Wintre, is suddenly no longer involved in the convention, which takes place just three weeks from now. This turn of events, coupled with other internal structural issues regarding handling of space and attendance, has prompted multiple vendors to ask for refunds for their reserved spaces. But the problems potentially don't end there. Horse News has secured screencaps of the exchanges between former staff members regarding the issues.

Let's take a look at what's buzzing in the beehive state.

Where Are They Now? The CSImadmax Cold Case by

One of CSImadmax's earliest pieces.

CSImadmax was a cornerstone of the early fandom. Her artwork dates back to 2010 and are some of the most memorable and recognizable pieces of fanart in the community. She was frequently featured on EQD and was beloved by many. And one day in August 2014...she vanished from the Internet...or so it seems.

For 4 years, fans have held out hope that she would return, and some have even launched investigations in hopes of getting some closure, to no avail. Rumors and speculation swirl.

Horse News has followed the trails as far as they could go, and will provide what information we have, on this Cold Case.

Where Are The Now? The Master List, and How YOU can help by

Since the fandom began, there have been many names and faces that have come and gone. Some with dramatic exits, others who have vanished without a trace, and some who just changed their name and were generally lost track of by the fandom at large.
With the announcement that 2019 marks the final year of BronyCon and the knowlege that 2020 may very well mark the end of Friendship is Magic as we know it, Horse News is attempting an investigation, into the fates and futures of the fans that have fallen off the radar, before it's too late.

We asked you, our readers, to make suggestions of who you would like to be updated on from wayback, and you delivered, big time.

We have compiled a list, in no particular order, of the screen-names that people want to know about, and have attached it below.

Many of these names are not "gone" by any means, but have simply stopped producing much in the way of pony-related content in recent months and years.

We make no guarantee that we will be able to provide conclusive, or satisfying answers to all of these names, but we will put all of our collective investigation skills to work to do our best.

How YOU can help:

If you have any personal leads, information, or contact details for any of these names, please leave either a comment, Twitter DM, or email us at horsenewsmlp@gmail.com

You can also ask to be added to the Horse News Discord chat if you wish.

Together, we can bring closure to some of the mysteries of the old fandom, for better or worse.

Where Are They Now: The My Little Resume Creator by

In the near-decade that the My Little Pony fandom has been around, we've seen many people come and go, some without a trace or even a clue as to where they ended up. We can often feel genuine loss when someone we've come to know can just go dark or silent with little more than a screen name to show they were ever there in the first place. Starting today, Horse News will be attempting a "Where are they now?" series, where we attempt to track down the names and the faces that have disappeared from the fandom at-large, and see how their lives have turned out.

We're kicking off this endeavor with a surprise visitor to /mlp/: the creator of the infamous "My Little Resume" from 2013.

MLP VA's offer voice over camp for kids - for less than the price of a skype call! by

A Canadian group called "On The Mic Training" recently announced a voice acting summer camp aimed at children and teens (aka the target demographic) taught by none other than Lee Tockar, Kazumi Evans, and Rhona Rees. Tockar is the voice of Snips, Steven Magnet, and Gummy's inner monologue. Evans is both Rarity and Luna's singing voice (and Octavia and Rose's voice). Rhona has many credits to her name including Vapor Trail from Top Bolt, and Bev from Littlest Pet Shop.

Now I'm sure you're wondering why Horse News is shilling for such an endeavor?

BronyCon's Final Event - A Letter from Convention Chairs Sheva Goldberg and Eliana Summers by

BronyCon will forever hold a special place in my heart, and my liver, as the place where some of the most absurd, yet somehow magical moments the fandom has ever witnessed, took place. They're part of the reason that Horse News exists in the first place. Many great friendships, and great stories were created there, and it saddens me (and the members of SSF6) to hear of its ending drawing near.
The con-chairs have distributed a message, or perhaps more aptly a eulogy for the huge annual event, that we have pasted below.

My Little Pony Animator in Prison for Child Porn - Over 60,000 Images Found by

Wysom is listed as a "Character Builder" and "Animator" for the Episode "Appleoosa's Most Wanted", seen above.

According to local news outlet The Ottawa Citizen, an Animator for My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop has been sentenced to 28 months in prison for possessing and sharing child pornography. Tom Wysom, 55, was arrested and found to be in possession of over 60,000 images of child porn, as well as 1625 videos. Ottawa police tracked his IP address when investigating a peer-to-peer network.

According to IMDB, Wysom was an animator and character builder for 26 episodes of My Little Pony and 23 episodes of Littlest Pet Shop between 2012 an 2015.

We've copy-pasted the original article below.

Bronycon 2019 will be the last Bronycon