AnimatedJames jumps ship, discontinues his Youtube and Twitter Channels by

AnimatedJames, long-time fandom animator and well-known furry porn artist has decided to discontinue his AnimatedJames Youtube Channel and Twitter Account today in a series of tweets and explanation videos. He claims he will not be deleting any of his content in the fashion that so many others who have fled the fandom in the past, but it is unclear what the future will hold for his material.

Rolling Pone: A Grand Day Out Report from the First Ever Griffish Isles Pony Con by

Rolling Pone: A Grand Day Out
Report from the First Ever Griffish Isles Pony Con, 19.05.2018

Foal Duke, International Affairs Correspondent, Manchester, 11.07.2018

It's a beautiful day in my back garden, with weeds higher than my knees and the dead sparrow really adding to the setting. The weather was just as wonderful last weekend when I was lucky enough to visit the very first pony convention in the UK* for two years - Griffish Isles, in Manchester, is just about as small as a con can get, but packs a lot of punch. Only one day long, but with two voice actor panels, a VA lesson, and some fandom history, it served as a fun lesson in maximum FUN with minimal cash, using every inch of its modest space to maximum for vendors and all your typical con sideshows. After the jump is a follow-up to the video interview with HypnoHooves, the con Chair, a few weeks back. We hope you enjoy it.

*ATTENTION: We are the SNP; we have assumed control of this article to announce that Bronyscot does not count as taking place in the so-called United Kingdom; vivat Sturgeon.

/mlp/ Dubs - MLP Episode 100 by

Recently, a bunch of Anons from /mlp/ decided to redub the 100th episode of My Little Pony. Enjoy the autism, and be prepared to be entertained in a way you never knew you never wanted.

Rolling Pone: New Pony Convention Coming to GB with Mistmane's Voice Actor by

"Oi, you got a convention attending licences?" 

Rolling Pone: New Pony Convention Coming to GB with Mistmane's Voice Actor
I sit down with HypnoHooves... Elley-Ray Hennessey... Details of the Con... Insight and Advice... 

By Foal Duke, International Affairs Correspondent, 23rd February 2018

Hello, hello hello, what's all this then? Planning a Convention with Intent to Fun? That'll get you two years minimum, chummy. And it's been two years since BUCK closed its doors to the world, but in the style of so many European Conventions, it would appear that another convention is starting up in England with a modest venue in a reasonable location.

Rolling Pone: Introducing the New San Joaquin Valley Bronies by

There's the South San Joaquin
Where the seeds of the dust bowl are found.
And theres a place called Mt. Whitney
From where the mighty Kern River comes down. - "Kern River" by Emmylou Harris

Rolling Pone: Introducing the New San Joaquin Valley Bronies
Introduction to Merced... Some Pointers on Rural Meetup Groups...

By Foal Duke, International Affairs Correspondent, 5th May 2018

Hi readers! So, at BABSCon this year, whilst covering the floor I came across a brand new group of horsepeople from San Joaquin Valley and managed to have a little chat with them and learn what they're all about. As is my style, I managed to get some practical pointers in starting up a new group, so if you're a student in Merced or a rural resident in the San Joaquin Area, or looking to start a group in a rural area, take a look at the interview below, and click after the jump for a transcript.

ILoveKimPossibleAlot Allegedly Harasses Vendors, Attendee at Recent California Brony Convention by

The White Knight defends KP’s honor

Two vendors and an attendee report they were harassed by ILoveKimPossibleAlot and her self-described bodyguard and “psi-warrior,” Jack Nolan, at a recent brony convention.  The vendors claim they were targeted for “negative” tweets they sent and the attendee claims they were targeted because they wouldn’t buy her art.  Before we get into their stories, we’ll begin below by reporting on the events that led up to these incidents.

GOP Rep from Arizona asks about furries on Twitter; becomes one hours later thanks to Brony artist UPDATED by

A Republican State Representative from Arizona may have set an internet record; going from total obliviousness to full blown furry in under 24 hours. Kelly Townsend, a Representative for Arizona's 16th District since 2013 became entangled in a twitter debate regarding socialism and public education (Arizona public school teachers have been striking recently), when a twitter user named @andreuswolf called her out for getting "logically destroyed by a furry".

In what may go down as the defining moment of her political career, Townsend decided to ask
"please educate me as to what a furry is.".

The fun began immediately.

Billy Bob Thornton is a Brony by

Billy Bob Thornton is basically a brony, according to Tara Strong, in the same way that the likes of Patton Oswalt are (they get a pass because they're good dads who spend time with their daughters).
So yeah, that guy who plays the drunk Santa Claus knows just as much about pastel horses as you. So we'll add him to the list that we stopped maintaining about 2 years ago.
You can go back to what you were doing now.

Ask Fluffle Puff comes to an End by

In a disappointing, but not unexpected turn of events, the creator of the much-beloved blog "Ask Fluffle Puff" has announced that the series as we know it is coming to a close. In a lengthy blog post, there are details of what is to come next, but that it will not be the same product as before, citing that the creator was stifled and unmotivated by needing to copy and mimic the style and characters of the original show. He also mentions some of the less desirable aspects of the fandom as being a demotivator. You can find all the details below, or over at the post.

We here at Horse News wish him well and look forward to seeing his next project.

Cringe Corner: The Audiowave Dasher's Years of Harassment Megapost by

It's a new year and once again, the easily triggered wannabe Brony Musician known as AudioWave Dasher / Ben Jackson / TheGreatTailz / Aeons And Airwaves is back again on his campaign of harassment.