Ashleigh Ball goes "Beach BUM" by

This is Ashleigh Ball. She makes apple horse and fast cloud horse noises.
She's at it again.

Pinkie Pie caught moonlighting between seasons by

In a shocking move that would prove to satisfy our readers, the pony known as "Pinkie Pie" was caught this weekend, moonlighting in her downtime between seasons. The pink party pony was recognized by several witnesses at a bachelor party for a soon-to-be-married brony, as she popped out of the top of a cake, with her...balloons...completely exposed.

PRO MLG 420 NO SCOPE CONSPIRACY THEORY: What if Flurry Heart is actually Starlight Glimmer? by

Yeah, I know it's spelled 'Flurry Heart'. I bet 'Fluffy Heart' would have sold more toys... but not McFlurries.
Tonight while shitposting on Twitter I noticed something pretty obvious: That Flurry Heart looks a lot like Starlight Glimmer. But the more I thought about it the more it made sense:Starlight Glimmer was recently introduced out of nowhere, she's strangely powerful for a unicorn and the only constraints on her time travel come from her own self control. If you've got nothing better to do read more after the break as we try to justify Flurry Heart's existence.

Princess Flurry Heart Revealed by

Posted by Yahoo earlier today, we finally have a Season 6 clip an a look at the newest plague addition to Twilight's family. Check it out below.

Babscon announces Jenn Blake and artfriend competition by

Announcing Jenn Blake and the BABSCon “Iron Artist” Competition!


IDW Pony might not be canon, but this "fanartist" still got guest status over a certain "proud to be a brony" musician 

Press release and contest information after the break! 

Shining Armor & Cadance's Foal Named? by

In the five years this fandom in general as been around, we are no strangers to seeing potential spoilers ruined by early toy lines. Buckle up, for we have yet another piece pertaining to such things again.

Rand Paul Steps Up To Challenge: 100 Pony Fight To The Death by

As of a few days ago presidential hopeful Randall Paul, or otherwise known as "Rand Paul" started a "Ask Me Anything" questionnaire on the internet so people could ask his views on any topic they wished.  This varied from questions about his hair (which he has stated that he cuts it himself) to his position on legalizing marijuana.

Pacific PonyCon: The Newfag Experience by

He is Chelis. We are Chelis. Send help.

It's been over two weeks already? Jeez, I feel I just came home yesterday. Days spent with friendos just aren't the same as the days you spend with close horsefuckers and hard cunts. I've been to a few cons in my time, but Pacific PonyCon will have a special place with those of us that were there. A brotherhood? Nah. Band of Horsefuckers? Most definitely.

Hulk Hogan MLP -comic encounter details revealed by

Last Spring, we ran a post with a photo of an MLP comic, purportedly signed by Hulk Hogan himself, with no real backstory to go on. Well today, nearly a year later, we received an email from the owner of the comic, complete with the story of how the former WWE / WWF wrestler came to know about bronies, complete with photos of the encounter. 

The email reads as follows:

The Further Downfall of IDW: The Friends Forever Issue #24 Fiasco by

A couple weeks back, the twenty fourth issue of the Friends Forever series was released. Written by Georgia Ball (who had previously written the eighth issue of IDW's Micro-Series, which was rather well received), it featured Rarity supporting Gilda's boffyball team while she designed their team uniform.

While Ball's writing was relatively solid, the comic failed spectacularly in other departments. More after the break.