Man makes Terrorist threats against My Little Pony Movie premier by

Note: The Original video has been removed from Youtube, likely due to its content. Seen here is a version that has been reuploaded to a Google Drive.
Claiming to be an Army Veteran and "Devout protestant Christian", Youtube user Joby Dimms posted a video ranting against the MLP Movie and promoting actually killing any Bronies in the theaters.

The user has a history of Psychotic anti-brony ramblings, with such Youtube titles as "Bronies need to be handed to ISIS" , "RE: Jenny Nicholson's Brony Hypocrisy" and so on. He posted a video in which he wields a kitchen knife claiming that he will possibly be performing criminal acts and killing Bronies himself on Opening Day.

Typically, we would ignore this as a publicity stunt or lame trolling attempt, which it very well could be. However; in recent months and years we've seen real violent attacks carried out by obsessed Internet users (Like the recent Supermarket killing) and so such threats must be treated seriously, especially given the possible danger to families in attendance.

Polish MLP Movie Page shares Clop to promote upcoming film, tricks fans into sharing porn by

A Polish-based MLP Movie Promotion Facebook page has recently garnered a considerable amount of attention, with their share of a very unique movie poster. The poster, which originally comes from a NSFW pony tumblr features seapony versions of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash...who seems intrigued by an exclamation-point shaped opening on Fluttershy's lower abdomen.


That's a Vagina.

Korean McDonalds Pony Toy Art Matches "Bedroom Eyes" Fan Vector by

Left: McDonalds Pony Book Art
Right: Flipped vector from SlyFoxCl

So here in South Korea, McDonalds has had My Little Pony toys for the last few weeks. I didn't really pay any attention to this, unaware that this wasn't a global thing. I also have been trying to be less Amerifat here and haven't eaten any McDonalds in a while, but decided to go try and get one of the toys before they were all gone.

The only character that they had left was Alicorn Princess Twilight, who comes with a small diary that you open using the figure as a key.

The cover of the diary, seemed....oddly familiar. A facial expression that I never recall seeing in the show itself, but many times in a Youtube video from years ago...

William Shatner visits /mlp/ by

If a tree falls in a forest Captain Kirk posted on 4chan, and no one was around to troll him, does it even count?

Back in 2013, the board would have eaten itself alive, knowing that someone like William Shatner was lurking among them. Today, we got a real sense of just how slow things have gotten, as few anons were even around to take notice.

Nonetheless, Shatner himself publicly waded into the clop forest willingly and stayed there for a while.

Hasbro releases "Ponychat" Reaction video, deemed less cringey than Brony Reactors by


"Shit! We're out of a job!" - Brony Analysts Everywhere

Hasbro, well-known to hijack and repurpose concepts from the fandom (including but not limited to: Names, Artwork, Character Designs, Memes, and even conventions) have gone the extra mile and have begun releasing their own reaction video series to MLP episodes; "PonyChat".

It has childish humor, bad acting, terrible scripting, shitty memes, and a tone of being a paid-shill-fest.

So basically, it's probably BETTER than most brony-produce reaction / "analysis" videos.

CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD if you used Legends of Equestria - Data Breach by

In case you missed it earlier, if you have a Legends of Equestria account, you better change the password on any of your associated accounts that you may have used the same password.

From LOE:

This is an urgent message to anyone with an LoE account. A short time ago, Legends of Equestria suffered a malicious cyberattack, and we believe that compromising account information has been accessed. We therefore strongly recommend that everyone who used the same password on our forum (and therefore for their game account) anywhere else to change that password immediately. This is a safety precaution; we do not store passwords themselves in plain text, but the information that may have been compromised could allow simpler passwords to be brute-forced. 

We are currently locking down all production until we can guarantee the safety of all team members and players, and our forum will be offline until we’re certain that we’re secure. We will require a mandatory password reset on LoE itself for all account holders, but we still strongly urge you all to change your passwords on other services if they’re the same as your LoE password. We can only apologise for this, and continue working until we can guarantee everyone’s safety once more. 

If you used your LoE password anywhere else, for your own safety, please change it IMMEDIATELY.

Man marries pony plushie, celebrates July 4th with Scat. Keeps public record he wants you to see. by

Please....end our suffering.
Here at Horse News, we're well acquainted with seeing random one-off images of guys sticking their dicks in and around toy horses. But this...this takes it to another level.
A man going by the screenname "Jin15" who we've posted about in years past who is in a supposedly commited relationship (read:married to) with a stuffed horse....has begun posting images...of himself....shitting on said stuffed horse.

If your lunch was expensive please do not proceed any further.

M.A. Larson Returns to My Little Pony .............convention in Dallas! by

The prodigal son returns... Nightmare Nights Dallas. One of our favorite cons and one of our favorite writers, back together yet again.
Mitch "Thanks" Larson will be there, so you better as well and have a drink for me.

Words below

They made porn of Brian the Balloon Animal - now with video by

Brian, the Balloon Animal who was murdered in the My Little Pony Movie Trailer, now is a different kind of star.

A Porn Star of course. Because the internet is in fact still a thing.

Look, he's even in a video!

MLP Movie German Trailer has New Footage by

The German Trailer has some new scenes in it.