Movie Soundtrack up on Youtube by

"Please support the official release"

Movie soundtrack time
No more words needed.
Except perhaps >dat villain song

Here it is:

Sia's MLP Music Video "Rainbows" - loaded with spoilers. Like the ending of the movie by

Heroes Never Die!

So we've known for a long time that Sia is in the MLP movie, and she sings a song called "Rainbow". Well here's the full music video, appropriately on some cheap Chinese site. It's loaded with spoilers, including the ending, where Tempest is seen making fireworks with Twilight.
It's basically tradition at this point for MLP to show you the ending before you even see the beginning!

Time for some screencaps

My Little Pony Birthday Shorts by

>What's she looking at, Anon?

Just recently, Hasbro released a Happy Birthday animation featuring Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy singing Happy Birthday to you. Links below.

Hasbro posted the next episode by mistake - so here it is! by

Is it technically a leak, if Hasbro posted it themselves to Youtube?

Well who cares, here it is! Season 7 Episode 18 - Daring Done

Equestria Girls "Workout Routine" - Get off your ass and do the Dragon Mating Dance / Territory Marker by

Remember when we posted about the tidal wave of Kid's channel lewd garbage that had flooded every conceivable tag on Youtube? Well as a result of those channels, we now see more of it than we had ever wanted to. Most of it is the same sort of garbage, but THIS is different.

Here, we have a "Scientific 7 Minute Workout Video with Twilight Sparkle. It features 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a wall and a chair." The routine, is actually pretty solid....
...but the names are amazing.

Bronycon 2017 - The Interviews [1 of 3]. by

Bronycon 2017 interviews featuring Vincent Tong, Kyle Rideout, and Kelly Sheridan. This, like last year, was done as a press conference, with many people from various outlets having essentially a mini-panel Q/A style.

New MLP Toys Coming September - Capper's full name revealed. by

As if the Horse-News founder Capper General couldn't, by pure coincidence, feel more like an unintentional furry now, we've got some news on the upcoming MLP Movie.

PONIES The Anthology VI is out by

Here we go
Part 6 of the Anthologies series
Lets go

I think I'm having a fever dream - Kids Youtube flooded with Pony Fetish videos by

Full Disclosure; I've been pretty out of whack for about 2 weeks due to constant jet-lag and fear of nuclear annihilation. Then THIS shit appears on my Youtube suggestions. I had to check my address bar like...4 times to make sure I was still on Youtube, and hadn't tabbed over to Derpibooru by mistake.

I'm pretty sure this is part of that trend of Kids "Toy Channels" that seeks to turn childhood access to highspeed Internet into sweet sweet ad revenue, but then again, this could also just be the latest in shitty brony animation.

Lauren Does Dallas - Faust coming to Nightmare Nights by

They saved the best for last.
Lauren "Mama" Faust is coming to Nightmare Nights Dallas.
That means Lauren and Larson will be in the same place at the same time.
If there was ever a time to visit Texas, it's now.