Season 8 Confirmed by John De Lancie by

It's amazing how speculation swung so quickly from "no more Discord" to "Season 8 confirmed with more Discord on the way". John DeLancie independently confirmed the existence of Season 8 and the prolonging of our ride while I was asleep. Well, I mean we already knew it was going to happen, but now we know they're recording voices for it already.

Happy St. Patricks day.
Drink up!

The Ride Continues... Season 7 Teasers and Trailers by

Finally got some more news on the upcoming Season 7 episodes, and a premier date. Details below, and the article will be updated with more information as they are released.

Politics and the Pony Fandom by

A con staffer for multiple conventions recently by the name of Mustard Seed has recently been blackballed from participating on staff for a number of conventions due to some controversial Tweets and accusations of allegedly being supportive of Nazis from one Purple Tinker.

Toxic Tracing... again? Seriously? by

"How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old-man?" - Harold the Fish from Spongebob

Yep. We're back at it again. Still. However you want to say it. We got sent multiple emails about yet another accusation of tracing by Toxic Mario, complete with overlays. Another anime girl, and another anthro abomination. Here, let's take a look.

Jay Fosgitt Does It Again: Fan Art Designs Used in Comic by

Jay Fosgitt, who is no stranger to rather scummy art choices that are often illegal or lazy, appears to have done it again. In the Guardians of Harmony Annual (actually not that bad, as an aside) Fosgitt decided to have the climax of the final section include a power-up sequence where the Mane Six get armor. Problem is, he cribbed the design directly from a fanartist, Equestria-Prevails.

"At least Equestria Girls is Free From Starlight Glimmer!" by


Some new EqG toy announcements can be found below or here. It's worth noting that Hasbro has dropped the brushable doll line completely.

New Movie Toys Revealed by

Ahead of the New York Toy Fair this weekend, Hasbro released pictures of a bunch of toys based on the movie coming in October. Shown above is a "Kingdom of Seaquestria" set, which comes with Queen Novo and Spike the Pufferfish. (?!) More toys announced can be found below.

Possible MLP Season 7 Titles Revealed? by

Pre-orders for the upcoming DVD focusing on Twilight and Starlight have been announced on the Shout Factory website , and in them contain possible title names for a few upcoming Season 7 Episodes.

Valentines Day on /mlp/ by

>They're not real, Anon.

The 4chan Winter Cup Kicks Off with a little MAS by

Today we saw the kick off of the 4cc's (4th?) Elite Winter Cup! The horsefuckers of /mlp/ tussled with the weebs of /jp/ in what was consider by many to be the most interesting game of the cup.


At least we got a bangin' promo out of the lad's from DawnSomewhere.