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Here at Horse News: we love charity! Capper throws charity events during conventions, some of the staff including myself generously donate money to the single moms at the local strip joint, you get the idea.

So, when we were approached to post a charity live stream announcement, the general feeling was "why the fuck not!"

So here it is, info (which I copypastad from the description) after the video!

Summer is here and we are hosting a charity event on the 24th of June in order to raise money to support education and wellfare in Iraq. The event will be broadcasted live through this channel so please mark your calenders and we'll all see you there:

If you want the raw times without the daylight savings time conversion then here they are: 
12:00 AM GMT for UK 
7:00 PM EST for East Coast USA

There will be a 30 minute notice before the event properly starts to alert you.

Donations can be made through Paypal and Google Wallets, and any attached messages will be read out on stream. Our goal is to raise $2000 by the end of the event and every cent of it will be going towards UNICEF.

YCH Auctions will take place in the chat with two auctions going on between events, place your bid in the chat and the highest bidder by the end of each event gets the art. Monanniverse will then put you in contact with the artist and once the money has been confirmed to be transferred, you can freely choose to turn the base into whatever you want.

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Song: Possible - Ross Budgen

A New Rainbow Dash Presents - The Star In Yellow by

Oh thank god
This fills the hole left by hiatus
Fuck yes, New Rainbow Dash Presents

Brony Vendor Explodes and Blames Customers for Own Mistakes on Etsy by

Yeah, these vendors are passionate alright... but I guess that's a nice way of saying stupidly emotional.
Look at that, barely a week into our mini show hiatus and we've already got a drama report for you guys! I mean, it's not like it's about a major vendor, but it's a new one that has had a large sales volume recently and could easily become a convention vendor regular.

Before diving into detail let me just tell you guys that this article isn't so much about the quality of this vendor's product so much as it is the shitty way they treat customers that don't give every item they buy 5 stars (on Etsy that's a perfect star rating, btw). Even if you never see yourself buying bath bombs I think it's a good reference article for how vendors should treat their customers, especially if they claim that they're making a living off of their store. It's gonna be a long one, so sit back with a snack and enjoy. More after the break!

Remnants of Las Pegasus Unicon Imploded. by

It's official. Any remaining remnants of the nightmare that was Las Pegasus Unicon were officially demolished last night.

Zap2it Derps - Reveals Episode 13-19 Titles by

And then there's Maud by

If you people aren't following Maud Pie's VA Instagram, you're wasting your lives.
She's an insanely talented professional burlesque dancer, and sometimes she likes to show off her skills.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday-night nothing.

If äh, you don't mind, it's time to get up now, Ponies are coming. by

6.11 - "Flutter Brutter"

Sega Reads Too Much Fanfiction by

Recently, Sega released a survey regarding Sonic the Hedgehog mobile crossover games.

Naturally, you may be asking yourself "Why the hell should I care?" And you would have a good point. Despite the constant competition for the title of "Most Cancerous Fanbase," Sonic the Hedgehog has nothing to do with My Little Pony and this is, after all, a "news" site dedicated to miniature horses. In fact, why am I even writing—

Fluttershy's Brother has a man bun by

The Whole Fluttershy Family is Here
The Brother has a Man Bun and scruff
The Father has a moustache

The Happening is Upon Us