Saturday Morning Horse - 6.25 and 6.26 - There and back Again. by

6.25 - To Where and Back Again
0900 PST / 1200 EST

The continued saga of MistyDash/ChuckyBB by

You would think that getting ousted by both DHX and Galacon would be a wake up call for any autist to stop being a bitch, and maybe, hopefully calm their shit

Well, you'd be surprised!

Actually no, welcome to the pony fandom!

Hasbro announces Hascon - is this the beginning of the end for Pony Conventions? by

As suspected, Hasbro is getting their piece of the fan-convention pie, by cutting out the middle-man and throwing one themselves (presumably with LESS blackjack and hookers than the current pony conventions). Today they announced the launch of "HASCON", a convention for all of Hasbro's brands including Transformers, GI Joe, and of course My Little Pony. 

The real question on everyone's mind is: how does this affect the current My Little Pony fandom convention scene? If Hasbro is running their own, then any others could be seen as direct competition, and a detriment to their bottom line. Could we see C&D's for brony conventions in the future?

Probably not... but the possibility isn't unrealistic.
It's Hasbro we're talking about. They've put an end to plenty of things for even lesser reasons in the past.
Here's the press release:

Saturday Morning Horse - 6.24 Top Bolt by

"Now, kiss!"
6.24 - Top Bolt
0830 PST / 1130 EST

Saturday Morning Horse - 6.23 - Where the Apple Lies by

6.23 -Where the Apple Lies
0830 PST / 1130 EST


We're in the home-stretch finally, here's where we're at:

60 hour stream of EVERY episode and EQG movies back to back, as a countdown to the anniversary on the 10th.

Kickoff will be at NOON (that's 12:00PM) EST on October 7th. The stream will then continue straight through the weekend, with a live showing of the new episode on Saturday.

I have collected 42 Steam game Gift codes to giveaway so far, and a $50 steam gift card to distribute over the course of the weekend
(if you have more that you would like to contribute to the prize pile send it to my email:

Additionally we'll have our annual Skype / Discord meetup chat and group video games, and we have a few volunteers to make artwork and some other stuff.

Use this copypasta:

Foal Duke's Galacon Interview with Rebecca Shoichet by

How they allow such explicitness in a kids story is beyond me
While everyone at Galacon were drinking their beer and eating some good non-processed sausages, A reporter sat down with the lovely Miss Rebecca Shoichet. So, take a look!

Saturday Morning Horse - 6.22 P.P.O.V (Pony Point of View) by

6.22 - Pony Point of View
0830 PST / 1130 EST

Let's Review: Fosgitt's style by

"Art is meant to draw strong opinions, so let's take a look a very distinct style."- Silver Quill

Guardians of Harmony Comic Released; HN Writer Proven Wrong by

For some reason, Hasbro decided to release yesterday, unannounced, the first issue of the new Guardians of Harmony comic. As I'm sure our longtime readers are aware, we at HN tend to be critical of both the IDW comics as well as the author of this particular one, and even predicted doom for it.

Imagine our surprise when it turned out to be pretty good.