Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Swimsuit and Lingerie Contest Entries

The Horse News Swimsuit and Lingerie contest is now closed! Thanks to all of our entrants. We will now be deliberating to determine this year's Winners. The audience will help us determine the victors with our panel of judges. Check out the entrants below and vote for your favorite .

Monday, 21 July 2014

WatchMojo.com pisses off Derpibooru, but Anon causes shit storm

In the short history of the fandom, there have been many sources of drama even from the start. It seems that two of those causes have now joined forces to upset the folks over at Derpibooru. The two culprits? WatchMojo and Derpy herself. However, when the fresh drama reached /mlp/ yesterday afternoon it was met with some interesting results.

Tidbits: 3D printers, panties, and Pinkies

Time again for Tidbits; the news that tells you everything you really need to know about less-interesting or less important topics without dedicating numerous individual posts to them in an attempt to drive up traffic numbers.  First up today is the announcement that Hasjuden will be working with the Shapeways group to allow for the creation of 3D-Printed, fanmade My Little Pony figures.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The 24 Hour Stream

Watch live video from HorseNewsBroadcasts on www.twitch.tv

The BronyDoc 2: The BronyDoc returns...with a vengeance...reloaded...this time it's personal

Remember the "Bronies" documentary? The one that got pirated like all digital media, and John DeLancie ragequit twitter forever because of it? The one that raised an absurd amount of funding ($322,022 out of $60,000 needed)? Apparently, it's back.
Here we go again.

24-hour Horse News Livestream: Dosh4Vans

Most of the HN staff playing any vidya. Git gud team.

That's right faggots, there will be a Horse News 24 hour live stream, go below the break for more info!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Horse News interviews @PrivateStampede - Who are you, and why should I care #3

We really are terrible at remembering things. Even worse than our memory is our live interview skills. Combining both of those things, we have recovered another lost installment of "Who are you, and why should I care?" shot at some point during BABScon. This one stars SnowlfakeIRL, also known as "Private Stampeed" also known is "that buff lunatic yelling YEAH! at the convention".
The man is dedicated to his character.

Check out Chelis' interview below.

Vermin Supreme drops new hit single

Starting to make his rounds for 2016, our wise leader Vermin Supreme has laid down something new for his people. In a bold move, Supreme has dropped a new hit single simply entitled "I have a pony"

"Best Pony" blood feud goes literal, Larson deemed responsible

For a long time, the arguement between fans about who is truly best pony has been regarded as nothing short of a blood feud, but recently, the clash has become...literally a blood feud. Political analysts in search of answers have determined that perennial scapegoat Mitch "Coronate a Bitch" Larson is in fact to blame for the recent bloodshed.

The new Power Ponies Go! game: A review

Whenever The Hub releases a new game for their website based on everyone's favorite ponies, it's expected to be, well, shit. After all it's just a simple flash game meant for the enjoyment of children with the attention spans of squirrels on a caffeine bender. So when the new game Power Ponies Go! came out recently, it seemed only fit that we would test it out properly.

And by properly, we mean by playing it in a late night coffee-and-alcohol-induced haze in order to simulate the constant mindset of a small child. So in this mindset, how does it stack up?