Thursday, 26 February 2015

Make Art Win Stuff

Do you make arts?
Do those arts have hooves?

Do you like winning?

No? Well then don't read the rest of this.
Oh some of you probably meant yes. That's okay too. 

Everfree Northwest is holding a Con Book Cover Art Contest.

Another writer for the list

Charlotte is an hero.

Charlotte Fullerton...That's a name we haven't heard in a long, long time. Turns out she's next on the BABScon list of announcements along with charity information. Whodat? Read if you want.

Canadian Spies liked My Little Pony "before it was cool"

The FCC's passage of Net Neutrality wasn't the only piece of cyber security news piquing our interest today. In fact something just as interesting was taking place in America's neighbor to the North. An anonymous tipster sent us a link this morning with a story that could only come from Canada.

Their spies are pony fans.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fluttershy pissed herself


"Future Mom" Twilight Sparkle - Purple Smart is knocked up

Prior to the release of Equestria Girls, there was a site called "StarSue" (we assume that's the name of the Hasbro C&D team) that released a series of flash games vaguely related to the movie. Many wrote them off as being fake, as some of the characters hadn't been revealed yet. Turns out they were legit.

Well we can only hope that these games are legit too, because Twilight Sparkle is sporting a bigass baby bump as you take her on a maternity fashion shopping spree.

Hitting the Century: 100th episode details released

Information about certain elements of Season 5 were released over at PonyCon AU's panels. What's going on? Along with the return of everyone's favorite deadpan delight Maud Pie and more talk about the actual pony movie coming to theaters soon, there were also new details involving the upcoming 100th episode of pony. It's juice and jam time, people.

China has an underground Pony fandom

For the last few months, we've been noticing subtle, erratic pony-related things emerging from China. At first we chalked it all up to coincidence, but today we discovered something that confirmed our wildest suspicions: a pony imageboard from China. 

There's an underground pony fandom in the most populous country in the world, and they're emerging...with clop.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

BABScon announces list of people who probably hate us

As of today there are less than 40 days to go before BABScon. As such the announcements are starting to trickle down and they're now announcing the #horsefamous attendees. So they sent us a list, which might as well be titled "people who we've pissed off". Let's take a look who's coming to the party.

Suprise Livestream - Author plays My Little Dashy Visual Novel

Monday, 23 February 2015

nude >no hooves model taking pony cosplay requests - "Mah Job"

On a scale of 1-10 how willing are you to risk your job for >no hooves?
Great, now shut up and check this out. A le-reddit user named Cheza2920 is getting lewd, and you're probably going to want to see it.