Letter to the Editor - former KP Team member speaks out by

The following is an open letter, sent to us from a former member of the ILoveKPAlot Team, regarding his personal experiences.
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Hello, my name is Jordan Morelos.

On September 6th, 2014, I joined a team led by the Brony analyst known as “ILoveKimPossibleAlot.” On August 14th, 2016, I was exiled from the team, the following is my experience during that time, and how it has affected me since.

Pencils Makes It Professionally With Pony- Now an IDW artist by

Famed purveyor of pony butts as well as creator of the popular fan comic series "Anon's Pie Adventures" Pencils finally has had his first cover for the comics shown. While initially there was some confusion, it was eventually revealed that though the cover does not go with issue #58, it goes with the next, issue #59. Pencils took to /mlp/ today to elaborate on the exciting news, and had even more to add.

The Apple Parents Episode....IM NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING by

It's what we've waited for...for a long, long time....

Artist Complains About Criticism; Is Defended By Coworkers, Fans by

In what is becoming a recurring trend, it turns out that we can't actually go a late Spring without some sort of IDW controversy. This time, /mlp/'s favorite artist, Jay Fosgitt, is once again a subject of controversy.

Texas Horse Con Invites Horse Show Writer to do Horse Things by

Wow, been a while since I've bothered to post Convention news, but given that the cons have been dropping like flies lately, should probably start posting them again. Hey GM Berrow, the cool chick that talks to us and doesn't afraid of anything will be out at Nightmare Nights Dallas this year. Go say hi and stuff. 

Words under the magic line.

Mentally Advanced Series ending, Greg finishing MLP fandom projects by

"NAS will be the last thing I do in the fandom, and I hope it will be a fun extended farewell"

Greg, aka DawnSomewhere, aka the main man behind the Mentally Advanced Series is throwing in the towel, as he explains in a recently-released half-hour long video.

In it, we get the impression that he's pretty burned out on the show, and MAS will not likely continue into the future.

And so another chapter of the MLP fandom comes to a close. 

After 2017, BronyCAN to close its doors for good. by

BronyCAN recently announced over Twitter that they shall be shutting down. Like BUCK, another convention bites the dust. More below the break, and press [F] to pay respects.

MLP Nail Polishes - complete with New Artwork of Movie Characters by

In celebration of the upcoming My Little Pony Movie, nail-polish creator China Glaze is releasing an MLP themed line of Nail Polishes in July. They'll be available at Ulta Beauty and Sally Beauty Supply.

The only thing we really care about though, is that it looks like these come with artwork of some of the characters from the movie, like Songbird Serenade (the one played by Sia).

Here's a link to all the pics.

Fuck yeah time for leaked horse women in English by

Rev up those Chelis jokes.
Dance Magic, Movie Magic, and Mirror Magic, now in English.
All below.
You know the drill.

Brony / Animator Murders 3 in Supermarket Massacre, leaves Violent Manifesto Animation by

Randy Stair, a 24 year old Brony and Youtube animator from Pennsylvania, murdered 3 people in a massacre at a supermarket on Thursday night. What he left behind, is some of the most haunting imagery ever seen on social media. The victims were his coworkers.

His last video, a manifesto posted shortly before the events, is filled with both pony imagery as well as a horrific animated school-shooting project he was supposedly working on for quite some time, inspired by the cartoon Danny Phantom.