4CC - /mlp/ Wins the Summer Cup 2016! by

Summer is on the down-slope here in God’s hemisphere, and to finish off the waning days, 4chan held its biannual imaginary divegrass tournament, Autistfest the 4chan 2016 Summer Cup.

Saturday Morning Horse - The Times, they are a Changeling by

6.16 - The Times, they are a Changeling
0830 PST / 1130 EST

Daring Do Trilogy and Tracy Cage 4chan books back on sale! - profits benefit horse charity by

Way back in the day - we're talking years ago now - /mlp/ actually did stuff together.
Or, at least they'd try to. Sometimes they'd try to make their own episodes (that died). Sometimes they'd try to make their own video game VN (that died too). Currently they're trying to make a solid comic (and surely this too will die). But on one, incredibly rare occasion, /mlp/ managed to get their shit together long enough to produce...something. That something, was a series of "books"
We're using the word "books" in the sense that there ARE words on pages, held between 2 covers.

Well, those books - the Daring Do 4chan Trilogy, a 4chan Cookbook, and the Tracy Cage trilogy- are back online again after being down for quite some time - and you can order them! What's more, is the profits are actually being used for a horse-based charity.

Yet Another Piece of FiMFiction Drama - Give me a break. by

You're not wrong, Darfy.

It seems to me that this Darf character is nothing but another moocher on the horse-fame train to hell (if we even consider this dude "famous"). That's not wrong, honestly, but the hole that he's dug himself into a couple of weeks ago has surely shown us that horse-famous degenerates are still capable of this shit. For more screenshots and cringe from our source, refer to Chaotic Note's blog.

Saturday Morning Horse - 28 Pranks Later by

6.15 - 28 Pranks Later
0830 PST / 1130 EST

Amy Keating Rogers talks about writing, Larson, and asparagus by

Amy still being way too energetic after a long signing session and interview.

Barely a week ago we, the European division of Horse News (way prettier than our American counterparts, but just as redundant), were at GalaCon 2016 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Apart from the usual excessive drinking and embracing the inner child that nobody would want to be friends with, we had Amy Keating Rogers dragged into the interview room right after her signing session.

Find the whole interview after the break, as well as some impressions from GalaCon 2016.

Not-Pinkie Voices Guardians of Harmony Trailer by

It looks as if Hasbro has released another trailer involving the new Guardians of Harmony line. Curiously, no toys are to be found, and Pinkie...doesn't sound quite right.

Bronycon 2016 Press Interview Series - M.A. Larson by

Because Bronycon was such a big event, they decided that instead of having interviews - they would hold press releases which were pretty much interviews but with everyone in it. So not only were Horse-News (all 2 of us with press passes) there, but others from other areas such as Equestria Daily, Equestria Confidential, ILoveKimPossibleAlot and her crew of slave labors co-workers, and a bunch of other randoms I can't tell apart from the rest by just voices alone.

Note: If you were a part of this press release and I got your names wrong, let me know and I'll give you proper credit.

This edition focuses on Mitch "Coronate-A-Bitch" Larson. More after the break.

No Hooves Camp Sneak Peak 5 by

More Horse Women Previews. Here's our 5th one from My Little Pony, Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree.

The rest are down there too. Enjoy.

Big Jim holds a Charity Contest by

The Prize.
My Little Pony Supervising Director, "Big" Jim Miller, is hosting a charity contest on Twitter. Details below the break.