Worried About Missing ILoveKimPossibleAlot at BABScon? by

Brony convention season is about to heat up with BABScon right around the corner and ILoveKimPossibleAlot will be attending!  If you were hoping to meet your favorite brony YouTube analyst but were worried you might miss her, ILoveKimPossibleAlot and her slaves have been kind enough to provide this helpful graphic.  Remember, Kimmunicators, to show proper obeisance by giving her free stuff and buying her merch or she might just throw another royal hissy fit.

Brony Analyst / Apsiring Voice Actor named "Performance Major" admits to ERPing with Underageb& by

Not long after the whole ToonKriticY2K drama that has been going on for a while, with still blurry details about whether justice has been served (it hasn't), and a plethora of apologists from the Analysis Community, another such person has come out of the woodwork and admits he also wanted a piece of that underage titty.

Ponies Fighting - Raven Vs Twilight Death Battle and Them's Fightin Herds by

Tonight you get double-teamed by high impact simulated violence.
Word on the street is that there are a pair of pony-related pummelings that are poised to premiere in the near future; Them's Fightin Herds and Death Battle.

Cringe Corner: A stalker brony named "Stalker" - Lightning Stalker / Neon Notes threatening / harassing people by

If you agree to be his boyfriend, he'll make you some sandwiches.

As the community continues to wrestle with the fallout of ToonGate, another contender for creepiest Cringe Corner character has crawled out of the shadows onto everyone's twitter feeds. A stalker, who literally goes by the name "Lightning Stalker" (along with several other aliases) has been showing off his skills as a true pickup artist....by literally messaging HUNDREDS of twitter users, and asking "can I be your boyfriend"?

But it doesn't stop there.

Rare Piece of Pony History appears on eBay by

So we almost never talk about previous generations of pastel horses, much less the toylines that accompanied them, but this is unique. An ebay listing has appeared for a rather interesting piece of pony history - the original wax sculpt prototype for the Generation 2 ponies from Hasbro/Kenner.

Basically, this was the original mold, that every single pony toy from that era was created from.
Not something you see every day.
Here's the description of the listing

Letters: Another victim speaks up about ToonKriticY2K's past and alleged solicitation of nude photos of minor by

The following post contains an open message sent to the Horse News staff, compiled from the twitter account of a reader named PeachyFennec in response to recently publicized information regarding the alleged actions of ToonKriticY2K. The views and information provided are not necessarily those of Horse News, and have not been independently verified.  If you have a message to share, send it to horsenewsmlp@gmail.com

In the days following the public allegations against ToonKriticY2K, more and more people have come forward to share their own experiences, and detail a pattern of his alleged behavior, going back years. Today, another victim who goes by the screenname @fennec_peachy has contacted Horse News, with their own intimate story about ToonKritic's past behavior. These public messages include allegations that ToonKriticY2K solicited "nudes" of the victim - who was reportedly a minor, under the age of 18 at time.

For ease of reading, we have compiled the individual tweets below, originally posted to this twitter thread: https://twitter.com/fennec_peachy/status/958595996753301504

Friendship is Magic fans angered by new song about the Magic of Friendship by

Yesterday, Hasbro posted a Music Video from Season 8 on their official Youtube channel, featuring a song called "Friendship Always Wins". It was clearly put up by mistake as it was scrubbed from the official channel, and any re-uploads were struck down for copyright infringement. The video shows the students at the upcoming Friendship school and how they come from all the different lands and friendly sentient races that have been shown in the show thusfar.

This of course, pissed off a lot of people.

Letters to the Editor: Details emerge about ToonKriticY2K's past actions by

The following post contains an unedited letter sent to the Horse News staff, from a reader named Massiker Mollie in response to recently publicized information regarding the alleged actions of ToonKriticY2K. The views and information provided are not necessarily those of Horse News, and have not been independently verified.  If you have a message to share, send it to horsenewsmlp@gmail.com 

In the hours since the information and details about the actions of ToonKriticY2K were revealed to the public, there have been several accounts and comments from others who claim to have been involved with him, attesting to his alleged behavior in the past. Among them is a recount of an experience dubbed "Abby's Story", which is given by Youtube user Cavatina, involving a personal friend. 

Another comes in the form of a Youtube comment on Vida's video outlining the event by a user named PurpleRoselyn who claims their friend had been "groped by him at a con". It is unclear at this time how many others will come forward with their own accounts in the coming days, but there is one account that was sent to us from a Youtube user named Massiker Mollie who had been in a "rocky relationship" with ToonKritic for several years.

Below, is her unedited letter (only altered spacing for formatting purposes).

Brony "Analyst" ToonKriticY2K Allegedly Solicits Sexual RP and Photos from Minor by

Image by moozua

ToonKriticY2K, a self-described pedophile (as seen in screenshots in this article), was recently caught apparently grooming a 14 year old girl in a series of erotic role plays.  Over 500 screen caps of Skype conversations spanning a period of 13 months were recently released, detailing his relationship with the pubescent girl.

These allegations came to light recently in a video released by brony drama enthusiast Vida.  Some of the more damning screenshots are below, along with the video and a link to an archive of all the screenshots.

UPDATE: Video released of ToonKriticY2K's friends asking him to turn himself in to the police: (Mirror)

Comic People coming to BABScon - Christina Rice and Heather Breckel by

Oh damn, BABScon is coming up quick eh?
Really losing track of time.
Well anyway, Christina Rice and Heather Breckel are coming. If you're interested in more copy-pasta than that, check out below.