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Who DOES this shit?

We were sent a link today via twitter, to a Pornhub listing for a video titled "WIFE FUCK HER HUSBAND'S BEST FRIEND WHILE HER HUSBAND AT WORK". What we found there...was a video of Applebloom Voice Actress Michelle Creber...running around spazzing out on Sugar (a video that Creber herself released in November of Last Year on Youtube).

Famous VA confirmed for not having herpes! by

So we did an interview with this incredible women who does some of the voices from that one pony show that has all the seasons and spin-offs and stuff. Also an upcoming movie, which we got some little insight about!

Picture from BABS'14 as we forgot to take one. Too hungover. But so was she as far as we could tell, so it's probably for the better that we forgot.

Find the full interview after the break, awkward stumbling included!

Ashleigh Ball Debuts Solo Project by

It seems that the MLP community has two milestones to celebrate today. Yesterday, Ashleigh Ball posted on Twitter about a new solo track being posted today. It dropped this morning, along with more information about the venture. More after the jump.

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Midwest Media Expo launches #NotCon2017 in Detroit for displaced Congoers. by

A few days ago, it was announced that Midwest Media Expo - an annual geek convention that attracts thousands of media fans to Detroit, and the sister convention of the wildly popular Youmacon - was CANCELLED, a mere 3 days before the start of the con. It was speculated at the time, but now essentially confirmed that it was the hotel venue who suddenly cancelled the convention's contract.
This is widely regarded as a dick move and has since earned the hotel the scorn of hundreds of pissed-off displaced congoers (the hotel's Facebook page is now a mere 1.6 out of 5 Stars).

Some of the guests who were booked for the convention Jon St. John and David Eddings will be in attendance and word on the street is that it's FREE to the public.

More details below

Midwest Media Expo 2017 - CANCELLED (UPDATES) by

While not a purely pony news, a longtime gathering place for horse-fans - Midwest Media Expo in Detroit - has announced that this year's event has been CANCELLED.
The heartbreaking news for hundreds of con-hungry fans comes a mere THREE DAYS before the event was to begin. The exact cause of the sudden cancellation is not yet known to the public at large.

Previous conventions have played host to many pony-related events including premiers from Silly Filly Studios.
See our past coverage here:
The announcement is below.

To the Toilet and Back Again: ToonKriticY2K Hypes Up False Sexual Harassment Claims To Ban Anons from BABScon by

ToonKritic's hat sits in a hotel toilet
The infamous hat rests in its natural habitat.
UPDATE: All charges against the anons listed below have been dropped since the article was published.  The anons have made apologies to FiauraTheTankGirl for any misunderstandings that occurred between them.  The racism charges were also dropped by the person who had signed that complaint as they did not actually witness the event first hand.  The sexual harassment complaint was never actually filed, but the person who made the complaint has already publicly withdrawn their complaint (as detailed within the article).  We hope BABScon will also refrain from placing any ban longer than what was already imposed upon them.

This is the story of a hat and its brief journey from the inflated head of the “analcyst” known as ToonKriticY2K (aka CarToonZ) to the depths of a hotel toilet at BABScon 2017 and how a lie about sexual harassment got the badges of the three anons involved pulled, who now face the possibility of being unofficially blackballed for life from all pony conventions.  For “borrowing” a hat.  A fucking hat.

Horsefucker Scientist Unearths Ancient Artifact of Ponies Past by

Earth Date; April 23rd, 2117  

     Today at approximately 13:00 Horse Scientist and Memeologist “Fig Faggotson” unearthed a forgotten piece of horsefucker past, 100 years in the making. An odd device that appears to be a jar of light blue liquid.