When You Love Your Waifu So Much... by

That you become the mare yourself. Which is exactly what a Norwegian fan did just recently when he decided to go through a process of changing his name.

"Local" #HorseFamous Man Claims to be better than the entire fandom: Nightmare Nights Dallas 2016 Edition & Knuckles by

  Now that I've lured you tubs of lard in with the promise of food...

     As many of us may recall (or vaguely remember in a blurr of booze and mantits) Nightmare Nights Dallas celebrated it's 4th year just two weeks ago, and boy howdy was Horse News there to experience it, drink, and completely forget about it (So much so they waited 3 weeks after the fact to write an article about it.) #professionalism

2snacks has an impersonator attending cons? What? (UPDATES) by

So, we've heard of people impersonating DHX employees. And that at least...sort of...made sense.
Well, apparently, there are impersonators of....fandom animators?
Yeah. That's a thing. Some guy, apparently, has been claiming to be 2snacks, the guy who makes the "2 Best Sisters" videos and attending conventions.

That isn't good...

MLP page throws in the towel, goes all-in on Scaly / Furry pandering by

In a move that has raised a few eyebrows (and a few other things), the Official My Little Pony Facebook Page has basically said "fuckit, let's do dragon erotica and get some of that sweet sweet scaly money".  

Earlier today, they posted a video, advertising a video game that has less to do with magic ponies and friendship....and more to do with dragons fucking. 

Lack of Horsefame drives Angry Fan to the Furry Fandom. by

Horsefame - an often discussed topic that seems to affect many people in different ways, whether one has it, or not. It has indeed been the source of drama for many years now, from the Black Gryph0n Pay-to-Play scandal, to the ever classic Everfree Network shutting down due to the actions of their former leader as the catalyst for Twitter blocking drama to be felt even two years later. We have seen many times in the fandom of how absolute power corrupts absolutely, but not much has been shown about those who lack horse-fame, until today.

Equestria Girls Pantsu on Newgrounds by

It's the return of a classic.
Now in >no-hooves format.
Equestria Girls Pantsu has arrived.

Saturday Morning Horse - 6.25 and 6.26 - There and back Again. by

6.25 - To Where and Back Again
0900 PST / 1200 EST

The continued saga of MistyDash/ChuckyBB by

You would think that getting ousted by both DHX and Galacon would be a wake up call for any autist to stop being a bitch, and maybe, hopefully calm their shit

Well, you'd be surprised!

Actually no, welcome to the pony fandom!