"Boycott EFNW" - MLP Convention Head goes on Twitter Rampage by

Twitter users from around the world are calling for a boycott of Everfree Northwest today, after a series of over 100 tweets from the head of the convention, Kyle Elliott. Going by the Twitter handle "TheBigKyle1", the President of the Board that runs Everfree Northwest engaged in a dispute with fandom artist Midnight Premier who was removed from the staff of EFNW, following the situation at Crystal Mountain Pony Con. The resulting "turmoil" as the Vice Chair @ColeDaigneault described it, left the EFNW Executive team "shocked". They were not alone.

No Mountain Too Tall - A Follow-up of CMPC, Opinions and Analysis by

Note: the Opinions expressed in the screencaps included below are not necessarily the opinions of Horse News or its affiliates (as no one from HN was in attendance at the event itself)

And now for what you've all been waiting for:

So Crystal Mountain Pony Con is over. Forever. And many have been waiting for us to do our follow-up on the event, so let's jump right into it.

First let's answer the question that naysayers THOUGHT we were asking: Did CMPC turn into Las Pegasus Unicon Part 2? The answer to that question is a hard "No" as people were not stranded in the desert and there was considerably less gambling options available. Many guests, vendors, and attendees alike stated after the fact that they enjoyed themselves and some would willingly return if the convention did also. In that regard, the convention was a success.

Now let's examine the question that we were actually asking with our pre-convention post 4-weeks ago: Were the alarms and concerns raised by staff members and vendors alike justified?

Let's take a look at what has happened, beginning with the beginning and the immediate response to the original post.

Where Are They Now: THE BURDENED (aka DutchScout) by

A few weeks ago, Horse News set out to track down some of the famous faces that have fallen off the fandom's radar since the ride began. Well today, we are very excited to announce, that we've got an update on a living legend, The Burdened himself  (also known as DutchScout on DeviantArt). He's graciously given us a moment of his time to give everyone some background information on how one of the most famous cosplays in MLP history came to be, as well as his opinions on his status as an /mlp/ 4chan Cup Goaltender.

Let's see what the man has been up to since he arrived on the scene almost 6 years ago.

Real, Living Human Being Eats Horse Food - "Hayburger" - From Cartoon, Posts Experience on 4chan by

Today, an anon on /mlp/ decided to recreate Twilight's fast food menu choice from that episode where the CMC's brag about being friends with celebrities. Yeah, I don't remember the name right now, and it's not that important, compared to the fact that I'm telling you a human being put a bunch of rabbit-feed HAY on a McDonald's Bacon Tomato Deluxe and consumed it, while live-posting his experience.

That's ONE way to get nominated for an /mlp/ end-of-the-year award. 

Hopefully not in the "Rest In Peace" category.

Here. Come vomit with us.

Canada Announces New Convention for 2019 - Vanhoover Pony Expo by

Given the number of bad-convention-news posts that we've had this last month, it's refreshing to get some potentially positive news in (before our NEXT negative post coming soon). From the ashes of BrongCAN comes a new event slated for January of 2019 in British Columbia, Canada "Vanhoover Pony Expo".

Check out the press release below because I've got much more pressing things to deal with than rewording something like this.

Japan Ponycon's Twitter Account Mysteriously Suspended by

Sometime last week, at least by the 23rd, Japan Ponycon's Twitter Account was suspended for unknown reasons. Ironically, the convention had just announced on their Facebook page last month that they were abandoning Facebook because their audience doesn't use it.

Their website has not been updated since 2017's event and their tumblr hasn't been updated since 2015.

Is this the end of Poniko?

Alicon: Adelaide Australia and an Artist Argue All Around and Anarchy Arises About Actors and Attribution by

Always Add Alliteration. Always.
So, if you've never heard of Alicon, you're not alone. It's a first-year convention running in Adelaide Australia at the end of next month, and is being billed as "The Best of the Australian Brony Fandom" (which, they're probably right by default). But as can be expected, the maiden voyage of this first year gathering is experiencing some...turbulence. HN was tipped off to the turmoil from a source within a Facebook group for Australian bronies, which started with a screencap of a post from Sherry Fowler, the personal agent for a number of My Little Pony VA's, including Claire Corlett and John De Lancie. The post, which you can read above, indicates that Alicon backed out of a booking and booked another actor afterward.

This had a cascading effect, including responses from the convention, and Sherry announcing a pay-in-full policy on all first-year events from here on out, as well as a dispute between an Artist and the convention itself, regarding posting rights to artwork used for tshirts.

We'll include the screencaps below...because really none of this makes sense without them.

GM Berrow Gets Hitched (With Horses) by

MLP writer and cool person who talks to us when we ask nicely and stuff G.M. Berrow got hitched this weekend, and had ponies involved. MA Larson and Tony Fleecs were there too, posting on Twitter about it.

The last time we posted about a staff wedding we got in a bunch of trouble. But hey, for what it's worth; from everyone here at HN, Congrats GM. Cheers to many years of happiness!

"Women tend to be the most ungrateful creatures" - Crystal Mountain Pony Con's Newest Community Guest UPDATED by

Update: He's been removed from the guest list.

Update 2: He scrubbed his entire Twitter feed.

In the latest in a long line of head-scratching decisions, Crystal Mountain Pony Con announced their most recent "community guest" for their upcoming convention. A "cartoonist with a silly sense of humor and imagination" named CartoonEric (not sure how imaginative that name was to begin with but let's not get sidetracked). If you've never heard of CartoonEric before, you're not alone, as he only has 50 followers on Twitter at the time of writing, but that's only the first questionable aspect of this announcement. A quick scroll through his twitter timeline reveals a lot of very strong political opinions, but very little to do with ponies.

Let's take a look at Cartoon "Time to let the lead fly." Eric.

Where Are They Now: My Little Dashie author ROBCakeran53 by

Moving ahead with our "Where are they now?" series, we've tracked down a number of the harder-to-find characters that had been requested for updates, and are awaiting interviews and confirmations from them. Fortunately, this edition is for a man who isn't actually that hard to find, as he is still in-fact an active member of the community.

In September of 2011, one of the most well-known and widely-known fanfics ever created by the fandom was released, called "My Little Dashie". It was then reworked into countless animations, live action videos, parodies, and even a Visual Novel. Its author is a man who goes by the name ROBCakeran53.

Here's what Rob has been up to in the 7 years since MLD premiered.