Thursday, 26 March 2015

CRUNK Corner: TootsieRoll2 (The Pony OG)

Yo yo an' welcome ta another addition o' CRUNK Corner, urban edition dawg! Yo this day we's'll be taking uh peep at da most bom' ass rapper on all o' Vine, uh brony who goes by da name TootsieRoll2, nah wat I sayin'? It just goes ta show dat if you didn't think whitey crackas could git any mo' bizzare, some other autistic nigga will show up an' prove you wrong, ya dig? Nah sit cho' ass down and git ready fo' somethin` dat'll make klan members roll in they graves.

Get Wet at BABScon for $20

Oh sorry I guess that was supposed to say "Get your hooves wet" or something. Either way.
BABScon is looking for volunteers for the convention next week. It says they'll feed you if you do.
Read the actual words below.

The Ultimate Fanfiction Writing tool is here

Have you ever wanted to be a fiction writer? Of course you have.
Have you also ever wanted to be a massive tool who writes his fiction on an iMac at your local Starbucks? Again, the answer is obvious. But you haven't because you know you don't know what to write, but still yearn to be seen in public, typing away with purpose. 

Well despair no longer, as the future has arrived. Now, not only can you write a novel down at the Starbucks, but you can also terrify the living hell out of anyone who can see your screen - with the help of GeekTyper!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

We interrupt your hiatus to bring you this important message

Posted by MLP - RedEyes Eclipse on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sweden "convention" crowdfunding

Added the Quotes, as the more we read, the looser the definition of "convention" this would be.

It looks like Sweden is trying to get in on the convention scene. A couple hours ago, a crowdfunding page for a proposed convention in Stockholm this Summer.

Some of the perks...are...interesting?

>55 Euro to listen to BlackGryphon sing
>69 Euro to Ask Andrea a question over skype
>269 Euro to eat dinner with the crebers


Also, from what little Swedish we understand, there will NOT be a ballpit.

ManeFrameRadio looking for talent

Mane-Frame Radio (a show on Ponyville Live) is seeking talent.
If you're interested, send your application here.
Word is that PVL will be absorbing some new content as well, soon enough.
Read words after the line thing.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Little Lubricants - Edible and Coming Soon

It's been a few weeks since we first heard the proposal. Tonight, we saw the second coming of Lube guy, a representative of a company which has been developing cartoon-horse-inspired personal edible lubricants. Lube Guy returned to /mlp/ to disseminate some updates, including the above photo of the "Twilightly Lavender" Pony Up! Personal Lubricant. We actually had a chance to talk with Lube Guy, whose name is actually Joe,  about the product, which he says is coming to Etsy likely before the Season 5 premier.

Bronycon sent us a press release

Holy shit. That's unexpected.
Bronycon actually sent us a press release. This must be a mistake.

Nonetheless, BronyCon is announcing Andy Price as a guest. You can read the words below.


So it's a big day for the world.  
Let's talk.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Newest convention comes to California - #Lartarus15

Critics are calling it "the Coachella of conventions", as the latest fan gathering preps to hit California this Summer. "Lartarus15" is coming, run by none-other than Mitch "Buy My Book" Larson himself, in his front yard in Southern California. So far confirmed guests include Larson, Josh Haber, and the Mail Man when he shows up with the power bill.