Wednesday, 22 October 2014

There's going to be a wedding

The weekend of reckoning is nearly upon us, and some Horse News staff are already en-transit to Dallas for Nightmare Nights 2: Electric Scootaloo. You may have heard of the drinking panel that is going to happen, as well as the parties, but you may not know about this one. Last year, as many will remember, there was a proposal at Nightmare Nights. Turns out, the engagement is at an end, and the couple will be sealing the deal at THIS year's convention. More fascinating, is that Tabitha St. Germain is doing the officiating.

Wonder who's going to be crashing the party...

Everfree Northwest Announcement 2: Convention Boogaloo

Everfree Northwest 2015: Website, Registration, and Hotel

-From Officials at EFNW
--Horse News: Powered by /mlp/ Conventions

Below is another announcement from officials over at Everfree NorthWest detailing registration, websites and other new things that are things about conventions and such. Also, in other news, more conventions and conventions and things about conventions!

Everfree Northwest is pleased to announce that our brand new webpage for the 2015 convention season is now open for your viewing pleasure! We’re hard at work planning for a new year of fun, excitement, friendship, and ponies. With the new site’s fantastic layout it has never been easier to find out more about the Everfree Northwest convention, keep up-to-date with the latest news and announcements, check out what amazing guests we have lined up, register, and much more. So be sure to check out our new site at!

Everfree Northwest Guest Announcment

-From officials at EFNW

Fillies and Gentlecolts, it is our great honor to welcome Princess of the Day Nicole Oliver and Princess of the Night Tabitha St. Germain back to Everfree Northwest for 2015! Apart from sharing royal duties these two talents have no end to their vast and varied roles!

#GamerGate becomes Sonic / MLP shipping Ground Zero

Shit has gotten out of hand. For those of you who have been following #GamerGate (and if you have, you have our deepest sympathy) things took a....really messed up turn yesterday. It seems that a tumblr user named "tetra-cube" was given moderator privileges to the gamergate le subreddit.

What they proceeded to do with it, is...poetic to say the least.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The HN Guide to Barbeque at Nightmare Nights Dallas

Aren't ponies herbivores though? (artist: gigatron-sama)
So, you're in Dallas, Texas for Nightmare Nights Dallas this weekend, and clearly, you want Texan barbeque, one of the four mane types of barbeque in the United States (The other three being Carolina, Memphis, and Kansas City style). Here at Horse News, we will show you the closest and the best places to get some Texan-style barbeque around the convention and in town.

Now, I'll admit, I am not a barbeque expert, nor am I a Dallas local, so I am pretty much going off >leddit threads, Yelp and Google reviews, and Wikipedia for my information. But fuck it, we're Horse News, so we're going to write an article about this anyway and pretend we are armchair experts.

An Ethnographic Analysis on Government Participation and Perception among Bronies

Last week we were sent an email from an "Alexandra Agostinelli" seeking participation in a survey for "An Ethnographic Analysis on Government Participation and Perception among Bronies".
We figure it would be best for him to get the largest sample group possible, and in no way encourage you to make his data skew towards the conclusion that "Bronies are Communists".

The message is below.

DrawnCon - A great excuse for shenanigans

For those of you who have been paying any attention, Horse-News is on a Con-Coverage spree. With 7 weeks of cons back to back, it's going to be one hell of a Fall. Now before we flood your eyeholes with Nightmare Nights goodness this weekend, we have an announcement about an upcoming con in Boston that you probably have heard us mention before - DrawnCon Season 2.

They finally got us a press-release thingy for you to know what they're about, and why we're using them as an excuse to get obliterated in Boston this November.

Check it out below, and if you're a New Englander, be sure to come join in out shenanigans next month.

Point And Click Pony Game Update

We've got a few more updates from aspiring game developer HeroOfTime1000, so head on after the break if you're at all interested.

Tumblr user incapable of political statement that doesn't involve horses

Tumblr user sparklefarts today revealed that all of her political beliefs can adequately be summed up with simplistic drawings of cartoon horses.

Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Billy Eichner, Sarah Silverman in My Little Pony Parody for Economics Lesson....What.

Okay try to stay with us on this one. Later today a video is going to surface featuring the cartoon characters you see above. But those are not ponies...technically. They are Alpacas. And they are going to teach you a lesson about Economics.

Don't believe it? Well follow me.