SDCC 2016 MLP Panel Summary by

Another San Diego Comic Con panel has come and gone, and though Horse News was not able to be there ourselves, we can give you a summary of the information of the panel. As you can tell by the header, many found it to be a let down. Find it after the jump.

RNC Uses Twilight Sparkle to Defend Melania Trump; Fandom Reacts As You Would Expect by

 Unless you've been under a rock for the past few hours, you've undoubtedly heard the news: in order to defend Melania Trump's plagiarism of a 2008 Michelle Obama speech, an RNC spokesman attempting to make a point about how common the phrases supposedly are used a quote from "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" Welcome to American politics in 2016.

EqG Minis Up, Ponies Slightly Down As Hasbro Reports 2nd Quarter Results by

Art by Carnifex

Hasbro held its second quarter results livecast today, and only a few things of value were said. Catch what related to ponies after the jump.

Hasbro Franchise Crashed With No Survivors Before Launch; Jeremy Whitley Confirmed for Guardians of Harmony by

"Needs more lesbians"- Jeremy "muh OC" Whitley, 2016

Between movie news and the prospect of a new, more "gender neutral" series of Guardians of Harmony toys and comics, many were pleasantly surprised to see the new direction of the franchise. That is, until news about the accompanying comics was revealed today.

Disgruntled Hasbro Factory Worker Knows His Audience by

Hey, there's new images of the Guardians of Harmony toys. Cool. Let's look at all of that quality detail.

Fillycon Press Release by

We have a Press Release from the first-year Philadelphia convention, Fillycon. They need staff, and will be showcasing their event at TrotCon.

/mlp/ Books Back Up For Sale by

A number of years ago, /mlp/ got together and wrote a few books. Specifically, The Adventures of Tracy Cage and The Never Ending Ride Volumes 1-3, Equine Delicacies, and various Daring Do titles. They were gone, now they're back. Check out more after the break!

Bronycon Production Panel by

Despite the popular outlook on pony conventions being that the VA's are the big-money stars, the actual best panels to go to are those that feature the writing and production staff of the show. I'm actually surprised that chief animators, artists, and the like haven't been invited/featured yet. Regardless, Bronycon had a great Production Panel with the adorable G. M. Berrow, the surprisingly-insightful Dave Polsky, and the legendary Mitch Larson himself.

We're doing WHAT at SDCC? Oh god. by

"Horse News was a mistake" - Hayao Miyazaki

Oh sweet christ. I come back from vacation to see a shitload of pressers backlogged in the email. One of which of particular interest - there's going to be  a Brony panel at San Diego Comic Con...and HN and EQD are going to be parts of it.

I'm fairly certain the chubby kid in the picture is supposed to be Chelis.

Anyway, here's that news and a bunch more that I'm going to copy pasta in. Mostly from Nightmare Nights. That's pretty cool.

Hiatus Possibly Shortened? by

Let's face it, the hiatus has been pretty awful. There's been not much of interest to report on for a while, and I imagine some people think we're probably dead by now, but at least there's a light at the end of the tunnel.